Tips for healthy eating in winter

time. If you want to lose weight, stop eating too many sweets in general, to regain a healthy appearance, you will be our simple tips.

Doctors have called the most effective products to detoxify the body

A number of everyday products with constant use is able to not only remove toxins and harmful substances from the body, but also to organize the work of internal organs.

Both men and women choose a mate

Scientists from the University of California found that partner selection criteria differ for men and women essentially, how it happens, the study found.

Night snacking impair memory

US scientists conducted the study, during which failed to prove that night snacking - not a harmless activity.

5 interesting facts about the benefits of swimming

The hobby of many people jogging leaves aside many other sports that allow us to maintain a beautiful figure and take care of health.

10 unexpected products for strong bones

Although we did not come across the skeleton of our eyes, but to lose sight of it can not be - it is our concern as much muscle or skin.

9 foods to help lose weight naturally

There are many ways to lose weight: count calories consumed, sweat in the gym, to exclude from the diet of some products.

3 effective ways to defeat jealousy

Many people get jealous when they are young, when they notice that parents pay more attention to their brothers and sisters.

Nutritional supplements with antioxidants may be deadly

New research shows that the mega-popular dietary supplements with antioxidants can significantly accelerate the aging process, increasing the risk of premature death.

It discovered a protein that promotes the appearance of breast cancer

British researchers reported that they have found a protein called DOCK4 which promotes the growth of breast cancer cells.

Scientists have told us how the power of thought to prolong life and youth

Scientists from the University of Oslo (Norway) claim that mental attitude is very important to longevity. And all because the force of the inner beliefs can work wonders.

Nutritionists: when sedentary life, too, can lose weight

When sedentary work and sedentary lifestyle is quite possible to get rid of the extra kilos. This statement was made in the United States respected nutritionist Rebecca Skritchfild.

10 tips on how to easily return to

form. Christmas holidays for many have left their mark, bringing with it extra-kilogrammchik other.

Fruits and vegetables protect against hip fractures

Eating fruits and vegetables in the middle and older age helps women to strengthen bone. That is the conclusion reached by experts in the field of healthy nutrition at Ohio University.

Fear of bad news repels men from visiting doctors

Psychological fear of hearing bad news pushes more and more people visiting the doctors, which has a negative impact on their health.

Named fruit anti-aging

Is grenades are the most superfood, which is able to slow down the aging process? Swiss scientists were able to prove it.

It determines the day of the week, which is more committed treason

Scientists from the United States found that the most common day of the week, which committed treason, is Wednesday.

Reduced immunity: 5 unexpected signals

body. Everyone knows that a strong immune system is important for the normal functioning of the body. Its strengthening we remind ourselves, when infections and viruses caught by surprise.

Top 5 healthy drinks that prevent thin

We all know that the sweet drinks can cause a set of extra kilos, but even some of the so-called healthy drinks still be excluded from the diet.

7 useful properties of mango, which you did not even know

There are many varieties of mangoes, but they all have one thing in common: the fleshy pulp, a large seed and infinite health benefits.

8 tips on how to protect themselves from the cold winter

In winter, it has the same attack and microbes in the same amount as in the summer. Just our body, weakened by cold weather and the lack of vitamins, less protected.

Nutritionists have called the most harmful food on New Year's table

In the list of the most harmful food for New Year's table there were also those without which it's hard to imagine this holiday.

"Winter" diet

You've also noticed that it is impossible to lose weight almost in the cold season? The body constantly demands food, and deny him in this there is no way.

It is easy to cope with a hangover?

It's no secret that excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to hangovers, which is characterized by headache, lethargy and nausea.

7 ways to get rid of heartburn

Anyone who has experienced heartburn, never forget those unpleasant feelings that it evokes.

Scientists were able to rejuvenate stem cells

Scientists from the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University have used a special chemical "cocktail" for the rejuvenation of human embryonic stem cells (ESCs).

5 smoothies to control blood sugar levels

The pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar to prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes.

How to lose weight without dieting

Year after year, the girls tend to bring the figure in order, but few have enough willpower to do it.

Scientists have named the main danger

antioxidants. Chinese scientists have named the main danger of the use of medicines and food supplements containing antioxidants.

Table salt helps to combat infections

Scientists from the US have shown that common salt can be a real cure in the fight against different types of infections.