11 diseases that provokes diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is very important to follow doctor's advice on diet, lifestyle and receive medications.

9 myths about hangovers, in which you still believe

There are many myths associated with a hangover, and many of them are not true.

Mandarins can harm

health. Tangerines - loved by many citrus, but the fruits are not so helpful. More precisely, according to experts on nutrition have told, they can be dangerous products.

Superpoleznye products every day

How do I know what it is lacking in the body? Carefully read the list of 9 almost magical ingredients of a healthy menu for each day, and all questions will disappear by themselves.

How not to be mistaken with the size

servings. Are you sure that your diet really is carefully selected and healthy?

How to cope with anxiety attacks: 6 simple tips

Experts give some tips to learn to relax at the first signs of anxiety and, thus, to overcome their most natural.

8 medicinal products for your body to bounce back after

holidays. During the holidays you were resting, but your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system working at full capacity. It's time to give them a rest.

Diabetes can be a symptom of one of the most deadly types of cancer

Diabetes can be a warning sign of one of the most deadly types of cancer, the researchers found.

Top 13 scientific ways to quickly fall asleep

Statistics show that people today spend an average sleep an hour less than the generation of the forties. And this - the main cause of mental and physical health problems.

The habit of teeth grinding is not harmless

According to Vice-prizident the German Federal Chamber of dentists Dietmar Esterrayha, every second person is sometimes grinding his teeth, and one in five does so regularly.

5 principles of proper nutrition that will change the life in the new year

Do you want the next year from the person to feel and forget about the extra weight? So, it's time to think about proper nutrition!

Potato diet: eating and lose weight!

The authorship of this diet belongs to a professional doctor - Czech nutritionist Dr. Horvath, who proved that you can lose weight and without the extreme limits.

A glass of water will increase the level of intelligence

British researchers reported that they were in the experiment were able to prove that ordinary water can increase the level of human intelligence.

Doctors call be sure to wear goggles during the cold season

Winter sun is no less dangerous than the summer. As noted by The Times of India, to be afraid of UV radiation. Sometimes it is even more intense in winter.

Correct drinking regime will speed up recovery after

flu. During the disease in the body builds up a huge amount of harmful substances and toxins, not to mention how "clogged" the body various pills and antibiotics.

7 habits to help you look younger than their age

To look younger, we spend a lot of money on anti-wrinkle creams, which are often completely useless.

Get rid of excess weight can help psychological tricks

In our subjective feeling of hunger is affected by many factors: the appearance of the dish and a plate on which it is served, the flavor and color of the product, the atmosphere in which we eat.

As gut affects the brain

Oddly enough, it was at times gut brain dictates its own rules. It affects our feelings, emotions and thoughts. How does he do it and what to do to make friends with him?

Symptoms of a heart attack, at which required urgent medical care

From myocardial infarction often die, and irreversible changes in the heart occur within 20 minutes after the attack. Therefore, we must act very quickly.

Named the most unfortunate dishes for a first date

in the field of healthy food Experts have called the products that are best not to drink during a romantic dinner.

Five delicious teas that you can make instead of black

Many of us, giving up of black tea, for various reasons, are looking for their new favorite varieties.

5 Mistakes to metabolism that prevent lose weight

You restrict to a minimum the number of calories in the diet and still can not lose weight?

Named the pros and cons of an afternoon nap

Many adults believe that sleep in the afternoon - a luxury. Often among the busy schedule is not even 10 minutes for a nap.

The parasites attack the immune system

Statistics show that one of the main reasons for the weakness of immunity is a glut of parasitic organism. These harmful microorganisms live in the human years, multiply and gradually worsen vital functions of the body.

Hand washing reduces the risk of contracting SARS

US researchers conducted a study on the relationship between hand washing and the risk of catching SARS usual.

8 products that are difficult to digest

If you want to adjust the diet, then examine the list of products on offer and to identify those that suit gastric diversion.

Scientists have proposed a simple method to improve

brain condition. Excellent prevention of this unpleasant phenomenon as cognitive decline are houseplants.

TOP-4 product, which should have a daily

To be healthy and to saturate your body with all the necessary substances for normal vital activity, not necessarily to follow some complex diet.

Nutritionists have called superfoods available

Find Sales cabbage kale, quinoa and chia seeds - often a difficult task. But in the world there are many alternatives, containing similar nutrients.

How to lose extra weight and avoid sagging skin folds?

Many of the weight loss stops are not lazy, and the idea that a new body you will have to get along with your skin for a few sizes too big.