Secrets of a charming smile: teeth whitening natural remedies

Experts told what foods spoil our teeth, making them yellow, and how to whiten their own natural resources.

Scientists: dental cleaning prolongs the life of six years

Scientists from the United States reported that they were able to figure out how regular teeth cleaning effect on the body.

The main safety rules on slippery sidewalks

First of all, in the ice can not be rushed and distracted by listening to music, bright windows or writing an SMS.

A sedentary lifestyle is a vicious circle

A sedentary lifestyle is a vicious circle, as established researchers.

4 stomach type that prevent

achieve the perfect figure. Flat stomach - the dream of many. They often stick to a strict diet or spend a lot of time in the gym to achieve this goal.

A nutritionist advised, as it is easier to unlearn eat sweet

Getting used to the sweet taste is in line with the thrust to alcohol or nicotine: The more sugar a person consumes, the more he wants more.

14 signs that indicate a problem with the thyroid gland

Abnormalities in the thyroid occur much more often than we think. And suffer from this mostly women.

Verbosity and confusion of speech - signs of dementia

Rambling and verbose it can be a sign of dementia. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the Central Hospital in Massachusetts.

Power in February 12

the most useful products. The experts picked up a list of useful products in February, taking into account, as well as the basic needs of the organism in the late winter.

The smell of rancid fat slow heartbeat

Rubbing rancid fat in the skin around the heart may be used for tachycardia.

Best homemade smoothies for weight loss

Homemade smoothies for weight loss - it is a mixture of mineral and at the same time delicious foods.

How to support liver health and lose weight after holiday feasts

After lengthy feasts of many concerned about the problem of excess weight and liver malfunction. Experts give advice on how to deal with the consequences of the holidays without harm to the body.

Psychologists call 7 signs that partners governs lust, not love

It is sometimes difficult to determine whether we are driven by a feeling of lust, or we really want to love.

Scientists: Indonesian long pepper

struggling with cancer. Researchers from Texas reported that they were able to prove the unique benefits of the Indonesian pepper for the whole body.

Scientists named the word, which is able to get rid of depression

American experts advise people hesitate to bare soul before others, often express gratitude.

Named products helpers in the fight against disease and old age

Inclusion in the diet of these products showed improvement in health even in patients with severe heart disease, say nutritionists.

Intercostal neuralgia: symptoms and causes of

Intercostal neuralgia is characterized by the appearance of pain in the intercostal nerves in their infringement or irritation.

Every 8th person is not aware of the presence of at

high blood pressure. British researchers found that every 8th adult resident in England living with undiagnosed high blood pressure, for which he does not even know.

Course of performance: how to make a wish

For the coming year is the all-all-all, psychologists advise to consider a few simple rules when you make a wish.

Scientists have identified, what is the purpose of sleep

The purpose of sleep - help a person to forget all the excess, in order to better remember right. Two new scientific papers published in the journal Science, supports this theory.

7 tips for home detox

Of course, the complex procedures to detoxify the body in the cabin & minus; that's fine, but there are small steps that you can take home.

"Indicators of hunger," What are these, and how they help to lose weight

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and severe restrictions on food - and still get consistent results?

Doctors advised how to strengthen the immune system against a new wave of flu

The second wave of flu is not far away, at the present time spread of the virus is restrained mainly due to frost.

Fatty fish protects the body from fast food

The use of only two portions of oily fish a week can negate the damage that is applied by the body fast food and other unhealthy diets.

Revenge can improve mood

Psychologists have found that people feel happier after taking certain actions against those who did wrong with them.

How to protect against influenza

The flu epidemic is most often develops in the winter months, the virus infected absolutely all ages of people from infants to the elderly.

Fear of failure: how to overcome

Writer Patrick Edblad shares the secret of how he boldly looks to even the most severe failure in the eyes.

Habits, from which you gain weight

To enjoy a flat stomach and smooth skin experts advise to change a part of daily habits.

5 mineral supplements

food. Healthy food - it is not just the ability to choose the right products, but also life in general.

Broccoli Soup: What health benefits

?. Broccoli and various dishes of cabbage are essential for proper nutrition and is very useful for health.