Symptoms of diabetes: what to look for to prevent someone

Because diabetes is necessary to follow a diet, constantly monitor the level of blood sugar, take medications on time and experience, as if the disease is not brought to a coma.

What is to be feared in the year of the Red Fire Cock

In 2017 according to the Eastern calendar, will be held under the auspices of the Red Fire Cock.

Migraine: What You Need to Know for headache

Every seventh person knows first hand in the world, that is a migraine. Migraine - a hereditary disease, which is the main symptom - a throbbing pain in his head.

Natural anti-: food, which will help not to get sick

All around you are coughing and sneezing? Include in the diet of these foods, and you can forget about hospitals and pharmacies! And the list is much broader than just lemons and garlic.

5 "tasty" options for handling days

Fasting days - it's not hard daily fasting and consuming only water.

Dentists advise brushing

less teeth. We all know that brushing your teeth should be at least twice a day, but better - after each meal. But is it really?

How to stop overeating after

holidays. Christmas feasts are over and it is time to return to a normal diet. But how to do it?

4 ways to avoid bad breath after

coffee. Sharing drinking coffee, whether at work or on a date, bring people together, but the bad breath that appears after it is able to spoil everything.

Meditation: three techniques used by psychologists

For Buddhists, meditation - the basis of religious practice. But it is also an effective way to overcome the psychological tension, stress, strong emotions mitigation.

Abnormal weather swings and blood pressure problems: how to survive

This year the weather than ever like a roller coaster: the temperature jumps from positive to severe frosts, the atmospheric pressure is reduced, then it rolls over.

Top 8 of unusual ways to help reduce the risk of cancer

Experts have called the 8 unusual ways, which, according to scientific studies, can reduce the risk of cancer.

Named three main components of dietary hot beverage

Nutritionists from the UK named the three main ingredients for a hot winter drink that it is necessary to include in the diet.

Lose a few extra kilos to help vegetables and fruits green

The best way to bring the figure in the order, not the sea itself diets and severe restrictions, - to include in the diet as much as possible of plant foods, especially green.

Broth for the treatment of heartburn: 5 recipes

The term heartburn denote burning that occurs in the lower area of ??the esophagus. Causes of the disease may be different.

How to get rid of corns on the sole

Corns - a hardened skin on the foot, provoking pain and discomfort when walking.

How to get rid of constipation: fill in your breakfast 5 changes!

Constipation disrupts the normal functioning of the organism. Probably all had from time to time to deal with this problem.

Amazing properties of broccoli, which are good for our health

Broccoli - a vegetable that resembles a "tree", belonging to the family of cruciferous (also including cabbage).

Scientists describe the ideal number of sex partners in

human life. The question of how much a person should ideally be a sexual partner for life, excites many.

The healing elixir that will eliminate the accumulated toxins in the colon

The accumulated toxins in the colon can be highly dangerous to your overall health condition.

Dill, honey and valerian - a powerful tool for cleaning vessels!

Unfortunately, our blood vessels have become contaminated property. They accumulate in the walls of their deposits of inorganic salts.

Named affordable tool that protects against kidney stones

If you want to save the kidney health, for this there is a simple and affordable means - fresh coconut water.

Plaque: natural remedies to overcome

problems. Many of us are concerned about the plaque, this unpleasant yellowish film that appears on the surface of the teeth.

Effective help with bronchitis: 12 recipes based on

bow. Bronchitis - an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, connect the windpipe to the lungs.

Analysts have called the best purple food

Analysts including food purple color in the top 10 global trends in 2017.

10 popular beauty treatments that can turn into a nightmare

Many popular treatments that we do at home, it is better left to professionals.

12 tested recipes for varicose

Varicose veins - a condition in which the walls of the large vessels lose their elasticity, the veins swell and expand in certain areas and stretched.

For normal operation of the immune system must be cleansed of parasites

It is very difficult in today's environment to lead a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you live in a big city, often using public transportation, shake hands during a meeting with colleagues and friends and exchanging banknotes in shops with vendors.

How to survive the loneliness: 10 Ways

There is not a man who would have never experienced loneliness. This feeling can be very difficult, especially if caused by the death of a loved one, illness, loss of employment.

Doctors told how to be treated

flu. The main rule of any cases of influenza - drinking plenty of fluids and bed rest, strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the exclusion from the diet, harmful and heavy meals.

How to "slam the door" in the old and successfully start the new year

At year end, the productivity drops: we count the days until the start of the holidays. Entrepreneur Sean Kelly gives 7 tips on how to most effectively complete the year.