Fatty fish protects the body from fast food

The use of only two portions of oily fish a week can negate the damage that is applied by the body fast food and other unhealthy diets. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the UK, according to health info with reference to medikforum.ru.

Studies show that eating herring, tuna and trout in the amount of just two servings per week allows to save people from serious problems for the immune system, which leads to unhealthy eating habits and consequent obesity. New research has shown that oily fish has a medicinal effect. It is well known that obesity has a negative impact on the immune system, causing life-threatening diseases such as Type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and strokes. The impact of excess weight is comparable to what makes our body and healthy aging.

During the experiment, mice suffering from overweight received fatty acids Omega-3 which are in a variety found in oily fish. It was found that these additives reduce the harmful effects of unhealthy eating habits. The study's authors from Liverpool John Moores University believe that the producers of hazardous food must nourish their fatty acids.

"The Mediterranean diet with two portions of fish per week - a good start - as the researchers emphasize. - It is not clear if you can get the benefits of these supplements, if you still keep the extra weight. It is possible that for some people to lose weight is reasonable at first, and only then take advantage of oily fish, while other people do not need. "

Results of the study published in the journal Experimental Physiology. Science has at its disposal one more proof that oily fish is very useful for human health. Previously, scientists have shown that omega-3 can not only protect against a number of diseases, but also prolong the biological youth.