7 tips for home detox

Of course, the complex procedures to detoxify the body in the cabin & minus; that's fine, but there are small steps that you can take home. They will not work immediately, but will work for the future. To have a healthy body, and at the same sometimes, with impunity, to allow yourself a little pleasure, & minus; we recommend using the simple tips that will clean the cells step by step every day.

To enhance the effect, try to eliminate or reduce the consumption of the following toxins: coffee, alcohol, tobacco, hydrogenated fats, sugar and chemicals from personal care products. Also, try to avoid stressful situations.

1. Keep the water balance

Beware of dehydration, as this interferes with your body to remove developed "waste": the normal exchange of fluid toxins are eliminated themselves. The goal of & minus; from 5 to 15 glasses of water a day. But do not force yourself: Drink as much as your body asks.

2. Start the day with water and fresh lemon juice

A glass of hot water and squeezed into it the juice 1/2 lemon, of course, no substitute for morning coffee, but with such a procedure, you can start the day. Hot water gently wake up the body, and the lemon juice will alkalify stomach have a beneficial effect on digestion and regeneration of liver cells.

3. Choose organic, seasonal products

Food packaging is & minus; Whole and Fresh & minus; It is most useful for the organism. They include not only pure vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also enzymes, acids which is not or very little in the temperature-treated foods or processed foods. Choose seasonal produce, that there was no need to fertilize, so that they matured faster than the first "organic" crops.

4. Eat enough fiber

Crude vegetable fibers are not digested by the body and sweep away all the excess from the intestinal wall, like a broom. The greatest amount of fiber found in greens, beans and peas, nuts and unprocessed cereals, whole wheat bread, carrots, apples, berries, all the cabbage, as well as in the bran, which can be added to morning cereal or a cup of yogurt.

5. Do self-massage

Massage with a soft dry brush stimulates the lymphatic channels. Move from your feet up in a circular motion. You can use a bit of aroma oils or your favorite essential. Also do not forget to clean plaque from the tongue.

6. Attend a sauna

Steaming body improves blood flow, dilates blood vessels, allowing more slowly and carefully transfer the nutrients, as well as soften and remove toxins and heavy metals. Simple Home Edition & minus; hot tub at night.

7. Drink herbal teas or green

They are much milder effect on the body than the caffeine kick. A green tea also charges cheerfulness. It contains a considerable amount of theine which has the same effect as a couple of cups of good espresso.