How to support liver health and lose weight after holiday feasts

After lengthy feasts of many concerned about the problem of excess weight and liver malfunction. Experts give advice on how to deal with the consequences of the holidays without harm to the body. From liver health depends largely on the overall condition of the body and a person's appearance. And it is this body takes the brunt during long feasts and celebrations.

Most diseases instigated by the dysfunction of the liver. Alas, notice that there is something wrong with this important body, it is difficult - in the liver are no nerve endings, so, it "does not hurt." But as soon as its work is crashing immediately spoils the complexion, broken nails can prick the heart or stomach ache, the doctor said Victoria Savitskaya.

One of the safest and most effective way to cleanse the liver is considered oat broth. For the preparation of this wonderful tool should be cleaned with warm boiled water cup oats and fall asleep in a saucepan, add 2 tablespoons of dried leaves cranberries and birch buds. Pour a half to two liters of pure water and insist night in a cool place.

The second pot fall asleep glass milled hips, add 300 grams of pure water and boil once the broth starts to boil, add 3-4 teaspoons of corn stigmata and knotweed. Infuse for half an hour and add to the pan first (after the contents of configure themselves), says the doctor.

The resulting broth drink every morning for 30 minutes before eating. We started with wine glasses of broth, adding a day to 50 grams dose, until it reaches 150 grams. On all other days is used for the same. So for 10 days without break! At this time, it is desirable to give up smoking and salty foods, especially sausages, sausages, canned food, fast food, etc.

In addition, after a long hearty meal to sit on a strict diet is forbidden, where appropriate to arrange a fasting day and drink as much pure mineral water.

Go on a diet - a crime against his own body. Better to drop your weights away so as not to injure the psyche and go to the right, vitamin food with a minimal amount of fat, the doctor advises. Drink plenty of pure water to speed up metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body. Make it a rule every day to start the morning with a clean glass of water at room temperature with a few slices of lemon - this drink will significantly speed up metabolism and help the body get rid of everything unnecessary.

Excellent effect on the body as freshly brewed green tea. Avoid the days after heavy feasts all starchy foods, smoked and roasted. To get rid of the feeling of hunger that haunts many after several days of celebration (the stomach is "stretched"), eat every 3 hours. But little by little. So the organism will work forces on which he will draw from "internal" reserves and retained in the waist and hips is simply nothing. In this mode, you can easily lose a couple of kilos in just five days.

"In no case do not starve - warns a doctor - so you only make the problem worse and slow down the metabolic processes in the body. It is better to arrange a fasting day on apples, yogurt or buckwheat. "

Do not forget that good sleep contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes and energy supply of the cells, and the salt baths - pulled out all the excess tissue fluid and toxins, which managed to accumulate during long meals, says physician Victoria Savitskaya.

Lack of sleep, as you know, it provokes a slowing metabolism, and because of that the body burns calories more slowly and fats are deposited quickly. Because if you want to lose weight quickly, and even with health benefits, be sure to get enough sleep as it should.

But be zealous not worth it - 8-9 hours will suffice to fully recuperate. All that on top - not good. The fact that the lack of sleep, as well as an excess of sleep, blood sugar drops, and because of this, the brain cells and nerve endings are powered enough. As a result, they are moving in "economy mode" and it causes lethargy and low mood, which many often seize sweets.

"In order to instantly get rid of a kilogram or two, go to the bath or sauna. Of course, the fat in the steam room does not evaporate, but the excess fluid, which delayed for holidays in the body because of the abundance of heavy, greasy and salty food, go away. And with it the toxins that the body literally "teeming with" after the abundant feasts and drinking alcoholic beverages, "- experts advise.

An alternative to the sauna or bath - a simple bath with sea salt. They are great pull excess fluid from the soft tissue, and visually "pull" the body after the first procedure. Take they should be before bedtime, and the salt will suit any - as the most simple cheap without additives, as well as more expensive options - essential oils, perfume additives, foam, etc. Choose what you want, above all, dissolve in warm bath about 500-800 grams and relax in it minutes 20. Take a bath is not an empty stomach or immediately after meals.

In fact, in a pair of triple extra kilos is not surprising, because according to estimates of nutritionists, in just one gala dinner, we eat 3-4 daily calories, doctors say. And given that we are celebrating, as a rule, more than one day and in one place, the "weighting" of the pattern is inevitable. Take it easy, do not throw a tantrum, because the stress and bad moods also inhibit the process of getting rid of excess centimeters, besides "incite" you seize the "bad luck" something delicious and very, very harmful.