Best homemade smoothies for weight loss

Homemade smoothies for weight loss - it is a mixture of mineral and at the same time delicious foods.

What results can be expected if continuously drink protein shake? Weight reduction from 3 to 5 kg per month, improvement of health and metabolism.

Will leave the fatigue disappears feeling of depression and constant nervous tension, increase skin elasticity.

Protein shakes come in a women's diet of sports nutrition. And if a man with a balanced protein intake build muscle mass, of course, engaged in gyms, women began to use protein shakes for weight loss.

Protein shakes are useful because they are very low-calorie, protein compounds, their constituent, not deposited in the fat, and go on building muscle mass. Due to the reduced calorie beverage, and large amounts of dietary fiber comes quick sense of "fullness".

Some reviews of the protein cocktails argued that they should be taken instead of a meal, but it is not and can be harmful to health. When you use this menu, the drink must necessarily be balanced and varied, ie contain fats, and carbohydrates.

The right to such a solution: cut up to five meals three times a day, and instead of the usual lunch or snack to drink protein shake. Start with one portion per day cocktail and look at the reaction of the body within a week. The weight started to leave, feel better - so, go on to take a drink in the former regime. If no significant changes - it is necessary to increase the intake to two drinks a day.

The effect of drinking a protein shake depends on whether it is used correctly. Upon receipt of this drink in order to lose weight are required exercise, though not heavy, but every day, such as morning exercises, jogging, aerobic exercise, dancing, swimming, fitness. Get the "magic" cocktail in several ways: buy a ready in the store sports nutrition, protein powder to buy, on the basis of which you can make yourself a cocktail, fully prepared protein shake at home.

This requires to know the basic components. As part of the cocktail must be present (choice or together): milk fat content of 1-1.5%, 0.5-1.5% fat cottage cheese, kefir 1-1.5% fat, low-fat yoghurt, egg white.

In most of these protein products. By the way, domestic protein shakes healthier and satiety of them stays longer. Please note that these cocktails can not be combined with additional, not specified recipe sweeteners. If you want to reduce the caloric content of the original recipe, use half the fruit or berries, exclude honey. Those who need less protein, can reduce the amount of cheese. If you need to take this product out of the house with them, be sure to use a thermos. Typically, the mixture stored in the refrigerator, but the majority of prescriptions calculated that the mixture be consumed immediately. A protein shake can not drink in one gulp - stretch pleasure in small sips!

After some time all cocktails stale, so you can be creative and create your own recipe for a protein shake. Select the foundations for what you like best. Let it be yogurt, kefir or milk. Then pick up some carbohydrate foods: berries, fruit, jam or honey. Be sure to need a liquid base, and unless the cottage turned out to be right at your fingertips, it is necessary to dilute the drink water. The use of protein cocktail for the body is beyond doubt. If you back up this favor moderate physical activity and proper nutrition, the effect will exceed all expectations. They not only allow to lose weight, but also make the feminine figure of relief and very beautiful.