Revenge can improve mood

Revenge is indeed a sweet feeling, the study found. Psychologists have found that people feel happier after taking certain actions against those who did wrong with them.

The phrase "sweet revenge" has been used for many centuries, although some psychologists argue that the need to take revenge does not bring a man nothing but feelings of devastation. But a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Kentucky in the US found that people feel much happier after they have taken any action against those who have wronged them.

The researchers found that people do not take revenge simply feel good, they are really looking for ways to improve mood for revenge. The researchers decided to test the idea that social exclusion can make us any way to improve mood, and among these methods and may be causing harm to those who dealt with us unfairly. To confirm this concept of 156 volunteers to write an essay on how they perceive themselves, and then gave it to others to assess.

At the same time in the same group the researcher pretended to be a participant of the experiment and gave all essays surrounding the extremely negative assessments like "disgusting written", "nightmare", "mediocre" and "ugly". At this point, the study authors watched as the volunteers expressed their reaction to such evaluations using sticking needles in a voodoo doll computer, in the form which they were supposed to represent his criticism.

It turned out that this is the act of inflicting pain on another not only increased their mood - it became virtually indistinguishable from those of the experiment participants who received only written a good score. So, rage and revenge are really able to help a person feel better.