Butter is deadly dangerous?

British cardiologist and surgeon Shiam Kolvekar, working in a hospital at the University College of London, calls for a ban on butter.

Stress makes men unattractive

British psychologists have found that stress makes men less attractive to women.

Defined the main principles

slender body. Known in Hollywood expert in dietary nutrition and weight loss, Harley Pasternak, he told what rules should be followed in order to stay in shape.

5 delicious fruits that can help normalize cholesterol!

Cholesterol - a substance that is produced by the liver, and it is essential for our health.

Scientists said the inability to lose weight perfectionists

Australian scientists have carried out research and found out what types of people most difficult to lose weight.

Brain feels seasons

To perform certain tasks the brain spends different amounts of resources, more or less - depending on the season.

Air conditioners in the bedroom hinder good sleep

Japanese scientists have found that the air conditioning could unintentionally badly affect a person's quality of sleep.

Convulsions: the causes of and treatment

Seizures or muscle spasms occur when one or several muscles involuntarily reduced.

Doctors told necessarily need

beans with a disease. Scientists representing the University of Toronto, concluded that people with type 2 diabetes is especially important to consume beans in the daily diet format.

Why nothing changes in your life?

Coaches and psychologists often say that as soon as the man is able to deal with its internal problems, he becomes successful, rich and happy.

Experts explain why sound sleep - the best cure for overeating

Studies, University of Chicago found that lack of sleep can cause cravings for harmful food, especially flour.

9 reasons why you should often eat celery

We all just need to eat celery. This vegetable is a refreshing flavor has many nutritional properties, so nutritionists, experts advise to include it in any diet.

Brown rice will replace the half-hour hike

US nutritionists found that replacing white rice with brown accelerates the process of losing weight.

Top 9 of natural products for white

teeth. It is believed that perfectly white Hollywood smile you can get only by dentists. However, experts have called the 9 ways that allow you to achieve this effect at home.

Named the "winter" viruses,

dangerous spring. Every year, humanity is faced with new and new viruses that mutate, adapt to drugs and continue to infect thousands of people.

Researchers: red wine helps fight diabetes

US scientists reported that they were able to prove the benefits of moderate consumption of red wine.

Scientists have found out, on what floor it is best to live

Scientists from the United States of America reported that as a result of their research they were able to determine which floor is best for people to live.

Any food threatens the holders of overweight

diabetes. The bad news for people suffering from obesity. In their case, even a completely healthy diet increases the risk of diabetes.

Night work reduces female fertility

Working night shifts reduces female fertility. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers at Harvard University.

It determines the minimum permissible frequency of physical exercise

British scientists have determined the minimum allowable, as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization), the frequency of exercise.

Lung disease is not an exemption from daily walks

Patients with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease often refuse to go out in cold or wet weather.

Debunk the myth about fitness

Scientists came to the conclusion that the enthusiasm of people in fitness can be a sign of an unhealthy mind.

6 drinks, even more useful than water

Water supports all life processes in our body are normal, but sometimes it can be replaced by other, more useful drinks.

How to deal with apathy and declining health with frequent changes of weather

To cope with a bad mood, apathy and a feeling of fatigue, caused by frost and temperature changes, help foods rich in saturated acids.

Symptoms of throat cancer, you need to know

Throat cancer occurs not only due to smoking. This malignant tumor, which appears in the throat or larynx, likely to be associated with sun exposure, or HPV.

9 signal, indicating that the liver

accumulated toxins. The liver is one of the most important organs of our body, the second most important after the skin, which removes toxins and other waste products from the body.

Juices are not suitable for weight loss?

It is not necessary to hope that the use of juice, vegetable or fruit, will help make the figure slimmer. This statement was made by a reputable British nutritionist.

5 reasons to drink coffee

The debate about whether coffee useful or harm to human health, being a long time. The experts came to the defense of coffee, brought together five research about its medicinal properties.

Folk remedies against colds: which ones are worthy of attention

?. Today, there are a lot of drugs for the treatment of influenza and SARS. But there are also a large number of folk remedies, which we love to treat these colds.

Why you need to eat more fat?

Research experience accumulated enough evidence to suggest that a negative function of fat, to put it mildly, exaggerated.