5 mineral supplements

Healthy food - it is not just the ability to choose the right products, but also life in general. Sometimes, in order to make breakfast, lunch or dinner more useful, a few simple enough to know the secrets. Let's see what the natural food supplements can fill a normal meal valuable substances.

Chia seeds

It is necessary to enter the chia seeds in your daily diet at least for three reasons: they are useful for the cardiovascular system, contain fiber needed for proper digestion, but also rich in omega-3.

The last point is particularly important, because it is the omega-3 prevents the cancer and is responsible for the health of bloody system. Just imagine, one small grain, and how many nice bonuses! Adding chia seeds can be in any food - porridge, salads, soups, and even side dishes. They will look bad and as a filling for sandwiches, if you mix the seeds with cream cheese.

Linseed oil

All we know about the undeniable benefits of olive oil, and flaxseed somehow fades on its background. And this despite the fact that flaxseed oil contains a so-called alpha-linolenic acid, is responsible for the health of the heart! Moreover, it is well affects the digestive system, helps get rid of constipation, and so will help to lose weight. The last argument, of course, the most compelling.

It's very simple - as a salad dressing, sunflower or olive oil should be replaced with flax, or at least alternate. Also spoon of oil can be added in the morning porridge or muesli. This you will not regret it!


Grains of fennel not only have wonderful flavor and can be an excellent seasoning, but still they are known for their beneficial properties. Fennel, primarily needed our digestive system. Second, it strengthens the immune system and helps with colds. And finally, thirdly, fennel seeds are considered a dietary product - 100 grams contains only 340 calories, but food supplements you need just a little pinch. In other words, the "weight" of the food he did not add.

Add fennel can be in a salad or side dish, but it is best to combine it with a chicken as a useful condiment.


Bun with sesame seeds - is a classic and always delicious snack option. But we offer on rolls refuse, but the sesame leave - it is useful as part of other, much more healthy meals. To begin with, we note that these tiny seeds contain a great strength - sesame richly saturated with iron, antioxidants and proteins, which are particularly necessary for those who play sports.

And without that useful berry or fruit smoothies will be even more useful if you add the sesame seeds in it! Interestingly, iron there that are rich in these seeds, is best absorbed together with vitamin C, so it would be nice to do an ordinary orange juice fun using sesame. Use it as well in the preparation of dishes from fish and poultry - the body will say "thank you".

DRY fiber

Dry cellulose - the number one product for women who want to lose weight. Fiber is useful for intestinal microflora and is found in vegetables and fruit, alas, but do not always get to eat them in such an amount that results become visible as quickly as possible.

For those who want to quickly solve problems with digestion, there is a dry tissue - it is sold in any supermarket dietary department.

This product is best consumed in the morning, adding a teaspoon, for example, a portion of cheese or cereal. Another equally great option - put the fiber in the drinking yogurt or smoothies.