5 things you need to know about cancer of the cervix of the uterus

WHO declared the month of January the prevention of cervical cancer. Experts from Denmark, called the 5 things that every woman should be aware of this insidious disease.

A healthy diet for a week: 7 fantastic smoothie

Smoothies - an indispensable component of the diet of those who follow the rules of healthy eating.

Named the Top 5 mistakes in the treatment of chickenpox

We all know that chicken pox - a highly contagious disease where better to stay at home. But there are other important things associated with the treatment of this disease.

Doctors told what tests you need to pass after reaching 30 years

The researchers reported that people who from a young age are beginning to work, to 30 years should start to examine their health.

The doctors refuted the myth that vegetable oils healthier animals

Experts claim that the body needs daily nourishment fats, both vegetable and animals.

4 refreshing drinks, which replace

coffee. Nutritionists offered drinks that can replace coffee, for those who think about the possible negative consequences of their excessive use.

Named the 10 products, cleansing the blood of toxins

If you're the right way of life and take care of your health, you should be aware of its main component - a liquid connective tissue - blood.

The tradition of celebrating the Orthodox Christmas in countries

world. Celebrate Christmas about 180 million believers worldwide. This is Jerusalem, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek Orthodox Church.

5-rich food substances, to concentrate on work

A balanced diet - the key not only to a slim figure and good health, but also the psychological equilibrium.

Ten good habits slender people

In slender people have their secrets that help them stay in shape and catch yourself admiring glances.

A woman's heart beats faster than men's due

hormones. Canadian researchers have discovered why the rhythm of a woman's heart rate faster than men's.

How to store various products

kitchen. Organize a competent storage in the kitchen - it is not an easy task. Number of cabinets, shelves and jars limited, and food in the kitchen a lot.

Kashi in our diet: beneficial and harmful

Porridge - it is almost the perfect side dish and a wonderful separate dish, having a rich set of necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Detected new danger

palm oil. German researchers conducted a study in which observed the effect of palm oil on the body.

Researchers have linked pain in the shoulders with

heart disease. Shoulder pain is often associated with physical activity, but may also be an indirect indication of increased risk of heart disease.

Gluten-free diet is recognized as dangerous to health

Diet did not contain gluten, increases a person's vulnerability to arsenic, mercury and some other toxins and therefore it is not safe for the body.

6 natural remedies for getting rid of excess weight

For the occurrence of obesity has many causes including genetic predisposition and stress, and poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Age-partners get more pleasure from sex

Scientists from the University of Minnesota have shown that with age sex is really getting better and more enjoyable.

Named Walnut, which boosts the immune system

By incorporating almonds into a permanent diet, it is possible to achieve stimulation of immune response that protects against viral infections.

Three of the best type of massage for the face in the winter

time. Perfect skin gets not all, so sooner or later each of us begin to disturb the first wrinkles, dull color, or change the oval face, swelling, loss of skin tone.

6 types of people, from whom better to stay away

To be in bad company - simple. Very often we are surrounded by people who should not be close.

5 ways to restore the acid-alkaline balance

Acid-base balance is very important to maintain the body healthy.

Good seafood can be dangerous

Fish, shrimp, scallops and other seafood is considered to be very useful for health food. But the study by researchers from the United States finished an unexpected verdict.

7 simple ways to clean

vessels. When cleaning the arteries and veins of the body to remove salt deposits and all kinds of precipitation, we return them to the elasticity, flexibility, as well as do their young.

9 secrets to help you work less and more to keep up

Many people are practicing techniques of effective work and saving time, note that their performance is actually reduced.

How to avoid a hangover from

wine. The less alcohol in alcohol, the less likely to wake up in the morning with a headache. However, as it turned out, the wine - a special drink.

Why does fatigue persists - unexpected causes

Also there are lots of illnesses the underlying causes that seamlessly selected vitality, doctors say.

Brain scans detect

intelligence. American researchers from Yale University managed to define human intelligence using brain scans.

7 Reasons

strange smell of urine. Urination - delicate moment, which occurs several times a day with each of us, but no one discusses the problems with this aloud.

Named the most common causes of failure of dieters

To find out the cause of the "problem of the century" - the failure of weight loss - took, inquisitive researchers from the UK