Physicians are advised to reduce normal blood pressure

Doctors reported that their recent studies have shown that the pressure should be lower than the "normal", it is better for your health.

Concussion causes Alzheimer

It detected most clearly in the relationship today between moderate head injuries and incurable brain disease.

10 rules of healthy eating that are available to each

The phrase "healthy diet" frightens many people and is associated with steamed vegetables and lean chicken breast.

3 simple

anti-aging agent. Unfortunately, science does not know the magic elixir of youth, able to stop the march of time.

How to keep the beauty and energy of menopausal

Emotions over the edge, extra weight, insomnia, excessive sweating - all these delights of menopause risk facing almost every woman.

15 important signal that the body asks for help

There are some signals that indicate that the body asks for help.

Preparation of food: how to change their caloric

Cook or bake? Grilled or steamed? Few people think about the fact that the energy content of foods varies with their preparation.

Prepare magical mulled wine: 7 main

secrets. Christmas holidays can not do without this warming, aromatic, spicy drink.

Quitting smoking helps get rid of depression

Experts have established that those persons who smoke and are thus depressed emotional state, get rid of depression after a bye to cigarettes.

3 diet based on courgettes: weight loss, cleansing and healing!

Low-calorie (24 calories), rich in fiber and dietary fiber, zucchini gastroenterologists called rescue for troubled digestive tract.

We find a simple way to extend the life of

A study initiated by researchers from Tufts University, USA, has allowed experts to conclude that each person is able to extend its own life.

Fried toast can cause cancers

Professor Bernd Schafer from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) stated the need for careful roasting toasting.

Top 6 most beneficial fruit seeds

There are few people who would rather be consumed seeds of lemons or watermelons.

Cucumber water: 6 reasons to drink it every day

Experts spoke about the arguments in favor of 6 cucumber water and offered a simple recipe for its preparation.

Coffee threatening chronic diseases

One of the most popular beverage in the diet food, as it turned out, can cause chronic disorders in women. This is the conclusion, researchers from Harvard.

The cold alcohol accelerates hypothermia

To go out into the frosty air, drinking "50 Grams" for warming or else complete the walk in the cold glass - is extremely dangerous to health.

Liver Detoxification: 6 products that perfectly cope with the task

Casual lifestyle, eating habits and constant stress have a negative impact on our body, which leads to health problems.

7 products that can not be eaten raw

No one will argue that many foods in their fresh state contain much more nutrients and minerals than cooked.

What foods can help with flatulence

It is known that gasification process - one of the indicators of the normal functioning of the body.

5 Named the most dangerous diets 2016

The worst diet last year, commented on the American experts in the field of nutrition.

Named the major signs of unhealthy

kidney. According to doctors, to kidney problems may indicate not quite typical symptoms.

The popular products and cosmetics found carcinogens

International research project scientists completed a frightening discovery: it turned out that the use deadly ingredient in chewing gum and toothpaste manufacturers.

Top 8 Reasons have

grenades. Garnet - a delicious and versatile product. It has fantastic advantages. Pomegranate can be put in salads, in rice dishes, to meat dishes, yoghurts.

Doctors have called the possible causes of pain during sex

Painful cramps during sex are not so rare, but many women hesitate to ask the doctor advice.

Prunes can help strengthen bones

women. Useful substances that are part of dried prunes, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and cobalt, can improve the strength of the skeleton in women.

Diabetes mellitus: 10 steps to prevent

Diabetes in our time is not new - they suffer about 60% of the world population, and this figure is increasing every year.

How to improve the liver through natural means

Most of us know by their own feelings, where the human liver. Our biggest iron is designed to neutralize the toxins.

Periodic abandonment of sugar will help keep

health. According to a recent study of American specialists, giving up sugar can produce an amazing effect.

Vitamin cure schizophrenia drugs no worse

Researchers have established that vitamin B may be the same as an effective treatment for schizophrenia, as well as drugs.

Healthy weight loss: 22

Council. One can not deny the fact that the diet - this is one of the forms of struggle with them, which sometimes so difficult to withstand.