Named the principal conditions for health

brain. To permanently preserve brain activity, authoritative in the US physician naturolog Michel Shoffro recommended to follow certain habits in daily life.

Nuts and grains can cause tooth decay as sugar

The remains of primitive people helped scientists figure out which can cause tooth decay.

Five foods that prolong life

There are many ways to prolong life, including the right supplements and regular physical activity.

It was learned why the New Year holidays people are more likely to die

Scientists have found that on the eve of and during the Christmas holidays mortality of people from heart disease increases. And this is connected not with the cold weather, or the wrong treatment.

How to improve the shape on the job

Reset a couple of kilos is not so difficult, even if you have all day to sit at your desk, say experts.

Which cooking oil is more useful: almond, pine nut or sunflower

?. We used to use two types of oil in the kitchen - sunflower and olive. Although there are many other vegetable oils, which are suitable for cooking.

"The diet of one hand": how to determine the size of the servings

Despite the fact that many do not believe in this method, "a diet of one hand" will help to calculate the right amount of food that we need to eat every day.

How to choose the perfect champagne: 5

tips. Nothing creates a happy festive mood as cold sparkling champagne spilled on a thin, elegant glass.

Named the most dangerous products for the holiday table

British chemist Katrin Harkap listed the most dangerous foods and decorations of natural origin, which can be found on the holiday table.

Unhealthy kidneys: 7 signs

Kidney - a pair body which is located at the back of the abdominal cavity, on each side of the spine.

Sleeping on your side cleanses the brain from

waste. American researchers from the University of Rochester reported that they were able to figure out how to affect the health of sleep on his side.

There was a cure for the most aggressive multiple sclerosis

Completed clinical trials of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis, has been very successful.

Flexibility: Why drag in adulthood

?. Flexibility - along with strength, stamina, speed and coordination - is part of the concept of physical fitness.

Tea protects against premature death

According to the scientists from France, the consumption of tea can reduce the risk of premature death by more than 24%.

Impotence associated with myocardial

US experts believe that between impotence and cardiovascular disease in men there is a relationship.

Scientists have explained why in the New Year holidays need to take a break from social networks

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that regular use of social networks can lead to a bad mood.

Sex and Menopause: truth and fiction

The word "menopause" taboo for most women, are afraid of him, do not like to talk about it.

How to enjoy the New Year's table without compromising the health

In our families decided to celebrate New Year's generous - with lots of appetizers, cold cuts, main courses and additions thereto.

Named the fruit, the daily use of which will help to keep warm in the cold

Apples, especially local production does not pass a comprehensive processing, contains the entire spectrum needed by the body trace elements and vitamins.

Ten products that lead to heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation called the sternum, which extends along the esophagus.

9 ways to warm feet

winter. German doctors have formulated a few simple tips that can help improve blood circulation in the legs winter.

Diet drying: a reduction in the size 2 for 4 weeks!

Diet drying will quickly bring the body of excess fluid, reduce body fat and give the body an attractive relief.

10 products that preserve youthfulness

Despite the fact that at some point, anyone will have to accept the signs of age, so you want to keep and prolong youth.

How not to gain weight during the holidays: 7

tips. You lose weight for six months and now panic fear approaching New Year holidays, because the temptation to gorge on any harmful too large? Then these tips are for you.

How to make New Year's resolutions have worked

The number one reason why most people do not get what they want - this is what they do not know what they want.

Brain aging faster than men

The group of researchers reported that the central parts of the nervous system of men is aging faster than female brains.

Discovered method for killing bacteria invulnerable

Scientists have discovered that bacteria are able to resist the effects of antibiotics, there are "palindromes" embedded in the amino acid sequences of some proteins.

Black list: what can not drink snack

On the eve of holidays and feasts all of us are waiting for the abundant food intake, and of course, alcohol.

It named the spice that will help in the treatment of advanced breast cancer

Researchers at the Ruhr-Universit & auml; t Bochum in Germany found that the curry consumption helps in the treatment of breast cancer.

How to restore the elasticity of the muscles of the hands

With age, the arm muscles lose their elasticity, but this problem can be solved with the help of regular exercise.