How to protect against influenza

The flu epidemic is most often develops in the winter months, the virus infected absolutely all ages of people from infants to the elderly. Ruthless infection is able to literally knock a person off his feet, and sometimes doctors have to admit death of the patient due to the flu. Due to the fact that the virus rapidly invades society is necessary for all to learn to stand up to him.

Eight of preventive measures against influenza:

1. maximum adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

There is a view that we should give up bad habits, start to play sports, eat only healthy products are more likely to be outdoors, night's sleep at least seven hours, avoiding stress and conflict situations, to enjoy life and so on.

2. Do not give up vaccines that can reduce the risk of infection with influenza virus.

Each person has the opportunity to pass the anti-viral vaccination, but not many agree to this step. Doctors are well on your and invite everyone to get a flu shot.

3. tempers.

This method of preventing viral infections and flu, doctors called one of the most effective. But people do not always agree with the official medical opinion. This is a banal laziness, fear of ill due to temperature changes inherent with the hardening, the lack of time and lack of opportunity to plunge into the ice hole, or wipe the snow. But who wants to be healthy, that will always find a way to achieve their goals. Tempered must start in December, and even in the summer, and it is desirable to do it year round, while the immune system is strong.

4. Avoid places where going to a lot of people.

Shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, circuses, cultural centers and so on - all these places are most suitable for the development and transmission from human to human influenza virus and not only.

5. Personal hygiene.

During the influenza epidemic special attention should be paid to how often you wash your hands and the products purchased in supermarkets, where everyone could until you touch them.

6. Ventilate the room in which you are most of the time, as well as wet cleaning.

Fresh and cold air can affect viruses and bacteria floating in the air the apartment or office, destroying the bulk of them. Wet cleaning - an excellent way to remove germs deposited on the surface of the furniture and the floor.

7. Rinse your nose with saline.

The water with sea salt effectively cleanses and moisturizes the nasal passages, so the flu virus is not so easy to get into the body.

8. Do not take extra medicine.

Why make your body work twice as hard, coping with the assimilation of substances immunostimulants, if it is possible to use natural vitamins that strengthen the immune system. Especially since most of the products offered, supposedly protecting against the flu, it is absolutely useless.