Verbosity and confusion of speech - signs of dementia

Rambling and verbose it can be a sign of dementia. How to inform the health info with reference to, the conclusion made by scientists at the Central Hospital in Massachusetts.

If a person was often require more time for the selection of the right words, and at 5 he now uses 10 words to express any thought, it may be due to mild cognitive impairment, a study shows. And these violations, in turn, is a precursor or a precursor to dementia. These findings, American scientists have made in the course of experiments involving 46 volunteers. All of them were asked to create proposals, which use three words: focus, pan and water.

Did not have mild cognitive impairment people created these proposals without any problems, but the victims of violations showed obvious difficulties. In particular, they could not find the right meaning to them in bundles and offers proved themselves more than twice as long and often completely disjointed in comparison with the control group. The study's authors stress that this is a very significant difference.

Victims of mild cognitive impairment are losing their language skills with the development of pathology. However, the weakening of the brain observed in almost all people - are common age-related changes. But if these changes occur suddenly and quickly, then it is cause for concern. Before science and medicine in particular, the problem today is the development of reliable methods for diagnosing dementia in its earliest stages, so that people can better prepare for the disease. Verbal method proved to be one of these reliable tools.