Tinnitus: how to overcome the problem with the power

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, tinnitus is a fairly common problem.

Scientists: about Christmas Magi heralded not the Star of Bethlehem, and a rare procedure

planets. Professor Grand Matthews said that the wise men came to Jerusalem not because of appearing in the east of the Star of Bethlehem, but because they saw an extremely rare planetary phenomenon.

What to eat in the New Year in different countries of the world

Virtually every country in the world have their traditional New Year dish.

Named products that can help in

holidays. Holidays - a real test for the organism, because the table is so much tasty. But there is a way to protect the body from the holiday stress - useful products.

Fitness Anti-Aging

Numerous scientific studies prove the beneficial effects of any kind of physical activity on life expectancy.

How to maintain a healthy body without parasites

Parasites poison the human body and lead to a multitude of chronic diseases. Many people live parasites decades, not only in the intestine (as is commonly believed), but also in other organs and tissues.

Coffee improves bowel cancer at

Scientists came to the conclusion that in the postoperative period for cancer is useful to drink coffee.

10 foods that help cleanse the liver

Liver - is one of the largest and most important organs of the human body.

Compatible whether alcohol and exercise?

How alcohol affects athletic performance and whether it is possible to avoid this - the expert.

Identified products that

whiten teeth. Teeth Whitening - one of the most popular procedures in dental clinics worldwide.

8 products, because of which you sleepy

Some products are energized for the whole day, and the other - on the contrary. And it's not just foods high in sugar, but seemingly useful vegetables and fruits.

Products from which you want to have even more

It would be logical to assume that if the food gives us almost all necessary substances, and the feeling of satiety, it must necessarily also bring. In fact, things are a little different.

Grape seeds: anticarcinogenic properties

With regard to the treatment of cancer, the recent years have distinguished noticeable progress in this area.

It is known how often it is necessary to wash towels

American scientists have found that because of the amount of bacteria in the tissues of the towels need to be washed after every three uses.

Semis, accelerate the aging process

Reluctance to prepare their own meals or banal excuses the absence of this time and talent becomes a cause of a number of chronic ailments.

Scientists: daily shower destroys immunity

The daily intake of soul weakens the human immune system and makes the body more vulnerable. This was reported by experts from the University of Utah in the United States.

Cold and inflammation: women's health

winter. What connects hypothermia and inflammation? The cold is dangerous for women's health in the winter? How to take tsedeks and other anti-inflammatory drugs? These questions will try to answer in our article.

10 reasons why not go the extra kilos

If you throughout the month, and more than watch your diet, and weight does not go away, and stands on the site, look for the cause in the list, which leads experts.

3 Superfoods for Health

As they say, scientists from Cornell University, people on average, make the choice of food, drink, the food they want to eat, more than 200 times a day.

From fungi to the pain: the danger of sex in the jacuzzi

Experts told why we should never have sex in the jacuzzi, however sexy it did not look the part.

Too much coffee: 6 signs depending

Experts do not call give up coffee for good, and advised how to avoid the side effects of excessive consumption of this beverage.

Stressful work provokes cancer in men

Canadian scientists have found that a stressful job can cause cancer in men. That is the conclusion they reached, based on the results of the study.

Diabetes robs nine years

Such a conclusion was made by scientists from Oxford University as a result of the study, participated in the cat residents of China.

Omega-3: how to choose the right fish oil for beauty and health

Not all fats are bad for your health. Omega-3 - is a good example of fat: they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, dementia and arthritis.

Trophic ulcer: herbal medicine for wound healing and recovery

body. Trophic ulcer is formed as a result of eating disorders tissues, leading to the emergence of focus tissue necrosis.

Scientists have identified five major features

cancer. Many people live without knowing that the cancer. It does not always work to identify the early stages due to the expensive diagnostic or other reasons.

Products that can be stored for longer than directed on the label

From time to time it is recommended to arrange an audit of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and without regret to part with expired products.

How to protect yourself from breast cancer

In many countries, first among cancers in women takes breast cancer (BC). The earlier were able to identify the disease, the better the chances for a cure.

Pain prevents middle-aged women have sex

Middle-aged women enjoy sex much less often because they suffer from the complications that cause pain.

How to quit smoking: 3 easy ways to cope with the syndrome of cancellation

One of the main problems faced by people who want to quit smoking - an attempt to spend the morning without a cigarette.