Early signs that your liver can not cope with

work. The main function of the liver - the transformation of toxins into harmless waste products that the body can bring.

7 hot drinks for cold winter

In winter, we especially want warmth and comfort. But not only the big blanket and a cup of hot chocolate are able to create the right mood.

Doctors told about the main causes chills

If you feel chills, it is not always the result of the cold weather. Experts from Germany, talked about what else can be attributed to this feeling.

Scientists have named one of the main advantages of running

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona found that jogging is likely to have an impact on the structure and function of the brain.

TOP-7 signs that you are obsessed with healthy eating

When we talk about eating disorders, they often think about anorexia and bulimia. However, a person may have an obsession with healthy eating or ortoreksiyu.

Scientists: people can live 500 years

Doctors from the United States reported that they were able to prove the possibility of extending human life to 500 years.

Chewing gum and chocolate can be dangerous for

intestine. Consumption of chocolate and chewing gum can be dangerous for the human intestine. That is the conclusion reached by experts in the field of healthy nutrition.

Mode of 1200 calories a day will not help to lose weight

Rigid diets are ineffective in the fight against obesity, as the experts stress.

5 kinds of healthy snacks throughout the day

The main dose of nutrients and minerals we get at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks also allow us to feel comfortable between meals.

Named the sports that will live longer

American scientists have found that fitness types, requiring the use of rackets, prolong human life.

Nutritionists have told how to slow down the aging process

Our health and appearance depend largely on what, how and in what quantities we eat - continually repeat nutritionists.

Benefits Grapefruit: 7 important health properties

The beneficial properties of grapefruit has long been known, many of them are scientifically proven. Most often it is mentioned in the diet diet, as it promotes weight loss by speeding up the metabolism.

Top 6 of strange looking, but useful

products. A useful product does not have to be beautiful to look at, and that's 6 evidence of this from the experts in the field of healthy food from India.

Scientists have talked about how to properly fry potatoes

The more is the crispy potatoes on your plate, the higher the risk of developing malignant tumors.

Researchers on the verge of developing a new treatment for stroke

Currently used in stroke tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). It dissolves thrombi and normalizes blood flow in patients.

Varicose veins: pain relief at home

conditions. Varicose veins are often worried about adult women (about 50% of women in varying degrees, suffer from varicose veins).

What makes people happy shopping

On the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays, US researchers from the University of San Francisco and Michigan have found what purchases bring people happiness.

5 breakfasts that get rid of excess weight and problems with

skin. Breasts, slim waist, taut thighs and buttocks sexy Do you want to find all the charms as soon as possible? - Lean on cereals!

Major errors in alcohol poisoning

Often in exacerbating the symptoms and consequences of poisoning blame the patients themselves, who appoint their own agents or themselves do not tell the doctor that eve drink alcohol.

Top 5 taboo bedtime

Lack of sleep adversely affects the condition of the body. Experts are sure that the dream should not only be sufficient for the time, but also quality.

A new theory of the origin of arteriosclerosis

The disease allegedly caused by degenerative processes within the cell wall due to a minor heart attack.

5 surveys that need to go after a woman 40 years

40 years - the same line when they can be shown a variety of diseases, especially those which have a genetic predisposition.

Stroke: 6 features for which you need to act as quickly as possible

At a stroke (cerebrovascular accidents) in certain parts of the brain blood flow is reduced or completely eliminated.

A vegetarian diet will protect against

diabetes. Vegetarians and vegans are much less at risk of diabetes, the study found.

Diet Breakfast: 5 best

nutritious foods. Lean unbalanced breakfast bad fills, as a result you often snack and gain weight.

How to deduce sex life to a new level: 7 Ways

Over the years, the erstwhile passion subsided, and sex life with your partner lost the novelty? Sexologists called seven ways to enhance intimacy and bring back the thrill in the bedroom.

Errors when using butter

oil. The well-known adage that the porridge butter will not spoil. This is partly true, because it is easy to digest and gives dishes a special delicate flavor.

January 1 without a hangover: useful recommendations

Hangover - a terrible thing, a feeling of nausea, pain in the eyes and aching head, probably familiar to many.

The Japanese diet: minus 6 kg for 14 days!

On this diet, you can not indulge yourself miso soup and rolls. The basis of the diet - lean protein, vegetables, and low carbohydrates and salt.

Intestinal microflora influences the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

Procedure of water consumption on an empty stomach is common in Japanese culture, it has its roots in antiquity.