Scientists: dental cleaning prolongs the life of six years

Scientists from the United States reported that they were able to figure out how regular teeth cleaning effect on the body.

It has been proven that it is important for hygiene activity affects not only able themselves human teeth and oral cavity, but, in general, his health or even life.

According to medical researchers, the whole thing in bacteria that form on the stone teeth, they clog up the circulatory system, and this in turn affects the heart. Thus, lack of oral hygiene may undermine the overall health of the body, shortening the life of a person and causing some chronic diseases.

These statistics suggest that people who regularly twice a day brush your teeth and are worried about the state of the oral cavity, live six years longer than those who can forget about cleaning your teeth at a time.

Scientists also say that when brushing your teeth is important to remember the gums and tongue, which are also in need of hygiene.

Also, this process will help to get rid of vascular blockages and can do the work of the circulatory system more stable.

A tongue hygiene affects the gastrointestinal tract of human work, normalizing it, allowing you to cope with a whole set of potential problems.

It is noted that those who do not clean language, can dull taste recipes work, which leads to the fact that people eat more food and gain weight.

According to experts, you need to clean the tongue scraper or a teaspoon, but not for brushing teeth, as this can damage the lining of the shell language.