Psychologists call 7 signs that partners governs lust, not love

It is sometimes difficult to determine whether we are driven by a feeling of lust, or we really want to love. Psychologists call from Portugal 7 signs that your partner is interested only in sex, according to health info with reference to

You always pay attention to the wardrobe. In whatever circumstances you have not met with a partner (from a hike in the restaurant to chat), you are extremely important to dress highlighted beautiful and sexy. But true love does not require it - you love a person, even when he has not a good haircut in the morning.

You can not do without sex. Any of your date definitely comes down to sex. Of course, the intimate side of the relationship is very important, but if it is so heavily dominated by what you lash out at each other, even in the elevator, then you clearly ruled lust.

You always want to please . For this you will never argue with him and talk about what you feel. However, people express love to one another their desires and interests are divided. If, however, comes to the fore lust, then you are only interested in the fact that the partner was in a good mood.

You do not know about it. He is excellent in bed, and that's all you know about this man. And other information, by and large, you are not particularly interested. In a state of lust and it just does not want to learn.

Empty meetings are not interesting. He will not go with you to dine in the cafe during the day, do not go to the shops and just will not get acquainted with her friends. He was not interested in dating, that can not result in sex.

Talk about anything. You do not discuss your dreams, problems or inner thoughts with this man, because you are afraid that he will lose interest in you. However, the topic of sexual fantasies rises more often.

You scared silence. With your loved one comfortable in all conditions, even in silence. But if you meet just for sex, then such silence becomes oppressive for both partners.