Scientists named the word, which is able to get rid of depression

Psychologists have long known that unspoken thoughts, accumulate, can cause symptoms of depression. Therefore, US experts advise people hesitate to bare soul before others, often express gratitude. Timely spoken word "thank you" they will be able not only to express gratitude, but also to build a relationship of trust with strangers.

In the study, researchers from the University of Houston was attended by 352 people, both women and men. Test volunteers showed that people who are different timidity, after saying words of gratitude to feel better both psychologically and physically.

"The word" thank you "indirectly helps to relieve the symptoms of depression," - American experts say. After all, the man who sent a positive message, feels even more confident and happy. And if the answer he hears no less warm and sincere, he feels togetherness with someone. Exit the main characteristic feature of depression - anxiety from inner consciousness of their own loneliness.

At the same time an expression of gratitude in any case does not eliminate drug therapy if the patient has a severe form of mental illness. "Here we need a properly fitted medicines and other necessary measures" - doctors say.

The fact that this topic:

According to the UK National Health Service, only in 2015 local doctors have written more than 60 million prescriptions for antidepressants. And this number is increasing annually. Compared with the data for 1995 the number of patients taking psychotropic drugs, has doubled. If 20 years ago British antidepressants drank on average 112 days in a year, 2 years ago - already 169.