Secrets of a charming smile: teeth whitening natural remedies

Meet new people, we tend to smile. The smile fall in love, they are remembered, smiling want to give people the most expensive. Needless to say how important it is always to take care of their teeth and maintain their radiant beauty?

Experts dismantled the most effective methods of home teeth whitening and told about the basic methods of oral care that will make you the proud owner of a delightful smile.

Avoid foods that make your teeth yellow

List of undesirable tooth enamel products headed red wines. Maybe you noticed that after a couple of glasses of red wine (especially high in tannins) your teeth darken and take on a dull color.

sahorosoderzhaschie all products are included on the same sheet of snow-white smile damaging products which, in addition, cause cavities. Products with a high degree of acidity, such as soy sauce or tomato, porous harm the enamel, softening it and destroying its whiteness. Carbonated beverages, particularly sugar and dyes, the main enemies of radiant smiles. The same can be said about the coffee and black tea, so after a cup of aromatic espresso will be useful to rinse your mouth with water or a special rinse aid for teeth.

If the deletion of all of the above foods from the diet can be no question, try to reduce their consumption to a minimum, while not forgetting to ensure your teeth enhanced care.

Review your habits and regularly monitor the health teeth.

Among other factors affecting the whiteness of the teeth, smoking ranks first - perhaps the only reason is to get rid of this addiction.

Lack of calcium and other important elements and destructive effect on the color and health of teeth: take the necessary vitamins and do not forget about the products that are rich in calcium.

Tooth enamel tends to fade and wear out due to genetic predisposition or age, in which case you need to carefully take care of the health of their teeth and visit the dentist regularly.

Brushing your teeth with baking soda

Safe and simple teeth whitening soda to quickly give a visible result, and in addition will help get rid of bad breath. You can add a bit of baking soda directly on the toothpaste or baking soda to brush your teeth only, pre-pay the few drops of lemon juice.

An excellent result gives a mixture of fresh strawberries and soda. It is recommended to perform such procedures are not more than two times a week, and after each cleaning thoroughly rinse your mouth.

The use of hydrogen peroxide

Another effective way to achieve white teeth - of hydrogen peroxide. It acts much softer than baking soda, and is suitable for sensitive and porous enamel, but the visible result will have to wait a couple of weeks. Dampen a toothbrush in the peroxide and brush your teeth as usual. After the procedure, it is important to properly rinse your mouth with warm water.

Use peroxide is not more than 3% concentration. Another way: after brushing the usual pasta, mix the peroxide with water in equal proportion and get the solution, rinse your mouth. Do not forget to rinse your mouth with plain water.

Rinse with a solution of apple cider vinegar

Surely you have in the kitchen for a long time is not the case of apple cider vinegar. In order to prepare a solution, whitening teeth, mix it with water in a ratio of 1 to 10 and add a teaspoon of salt incomplete.

Rinse your mouth with this solution is not more than 1 time per week, and after only a few procedures to see that your teeth become whiter.

Cleaning powder activated carbon

Coal is known for its absorbent properties: it will help get rid of the smallest particles of food, color enamel. Erase the activated carbon powder, dip it in your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Thoroughly rinse the mouth after brushing.

This method is not recommended to use the owner of sensitive teeth and thin enamel: Be careful not to get carried away with this procedure, but the appearance of white spots on teeth whitening urgently stop - this means that the enamel thinned dramatically.

The simplest rule for every day

Remember that to maintain strong teeth white and healthy you will be fruits and vegetables. The well-known saying goes, "An apple a day - and do not need a doctor." And this, of course, also applies to dental care. Keep track of your diet and try to include in it more than a simple and healthy dishes. Pears, strawberries, carrots, celery, and many other natural products will work on your teeth as a professional brush.

Speaking of brushes: do not skimp on them either, nor toothpastes. Try to choose a brush with medium or very stiff bristles: it actively affects the enamel and better bleach it, and in combination with high-quality, professional toothpaste (ideally - to find a dentist for you personally) is guaranteed to give you white teeth.

Do not forget to brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed, and if you are constantly at home - after every heavy meal, floss, chew sugar-free gum - compliance with all of these details will also help you maintain the cleanliness of the oral cavity, provide a sense of comfort and certainly cause you smile more often.