Doctors advised how to strengthen the immune system against a new wave of flu

The second wave of flu is not far away, at the present time spread of the virus is restrained mainly due to frost, the doctor says Victoria Savitskaya.

According to the doctor, at the moment there is no need to run to the pharmacy for immunostimuljatorami - now they are absolutely useless, because to start taking these drugs should be before the start of the epidemic. Therefore, strengthening the immune system and virus protection will have to do yourself.

"First of all, make sure that in the diet was enough vitamins - fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, nuts and herbs. Make it a habit to walk at least half an hour in the fresh air. No time for a walk - get off at two stops early and walk home on foot. Even if it's freezing "- suggests the expert.

"Drink plenty of fluids - pure non-carbonated water, green or herbal teas - it helps the body to clean itself faster from harmful substances that enter the body. Start the morning with a charge, at least 15 minutes of exercise the major muscle groups, "- the doctor advises.

Monitor your sleep, if you sleep badly - a drink soothing herbal teas. Excellent relax and help sleep tight decoctions of mint and lemon balm, chamomile, St. John's wort.

Aromatherapy - a pleasant and effective way to strengthen the immune system and protect against viruses. Antimicrobial properties are oils of sage, mint, fennel, orange.

In addition, they have a wonderful aroma that fills the house and help you relax after a hard day. You can wear these fragrances with them everywhere, if you buy aromamedalon - find it's not a problem in any Specialty stores. Just 2-3 drops of aromatic oil - and your virus protection will always be with you, the doctor said.