Garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days - recipe

health. Garlic - is one of the most popular in the world of culinary ingredients that is used in almost all ethnic cuisines.

9 products that help cope with stress

Stress is the response of the human organism to various difficult situations.

6 changes that will happen to you in case of failure of

sugar. Several years ago, the cause of all diseases, and the emergence of extra kilos considered fat. Now they seem to be partly justified.

Named for a dangerous dose of alcohol

heart. The experts debunked the myth that a reasonable consumption of alcohol does not pose any threat to health.

Scientists: crying protect against heart attack

According to scientists at the University of Minnesota, crying can improve mood and has beneficial effects on health.

Weight gain of 3 kg increases the risk of developing diabetes by 52%

Weight gain is only 3 kg over 10 years already increases the risk of diabetes by half. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Beer lovers threatened impotence

Too frequent visits to bars can deprive man pleasures of sex, the doctors explained.

5 types of headaches, and a few ways to quickly get rid of them

Perhaps no man in the world who would not have experienced what we call "head hurts."

Effective mask for winter care

hands. In winter, our hands require special care. When exposed to cold, wind and frost the skin on the hands dry, red and scaly.

Kiss can cause syphilis, meningitis and allergy

While kissing is considered one of the most remarkable romantic manifestations, they can cause health problems.

Named oil, 4 tablespoons all of which will clean

artery. in the field of healthy nutrition experts found that only 4 tablespoons of olive oil a day to help reinforce the positive effects of "good" cholesterol.

Vitamin C can destroy the kidneys

It was found that vitamin C can badly affect the kidneys.

The exact start of the countdown of aging can not be established

Set an exact count of the beginning of aging - in 3539 or 45 years - it is not possible, said the chief geriatrician Ukraine Vera Tchaikovsky.

Doctors pointed to early signs of heart disease

Learn about developing heart ailment can be difficult, because the blood vessels of heart disease and tend to last for a hardly noticeable symptoms for a long time.

Named 7 reasons to use regular lemon rind and peel

If you regularly use a lemon in the preparation of food and beverages, include in your diet lemon zest.

The incidence of cancer is primarily caused by lifestyle

According to experts, the main factor is the cancer does not increase the length of life, but especially lifestyle of specific people.

8 common myths about alcohol

A cold shower will sober up; the older the wine, the better it is; red useful white - you're serious Experts told how it really is?.

Debunk the myth about emotions

Researchers in New York studied the emotions for more than 20 years. They concluded that emotions are not programmed into our brains from birth.

Nutritionists have called products, from which you want to have even more

The following products are nutritionists examined very carefully and confidently say that from them the feeling of hunger can develop into a manic form.

What it may be associated headache in the morning?

Headache hard to bear at any time of the day. Its causes may be different, and it can begin to grow, and at different times of the day.

5 camyh popular diets 2016

Is it possible to lose weight on the pizza as fats help to lose weight and why care should be taken to exclude gluten from the diet?

7 reasons why it is useful to do regular squats

There is a whole series of exercises, which are much more effective than is commonly thought among them need to highlight the squats.

Horoscope for 2017 Red Fire Cock

According to the Eastern calendar, the new 2017 will be the year of the Red Fire Cock. The new owner will not let anyone get bored!

How to brew an excellent cup of tea: 5 simple steps

To those who believe that the culture of brewing tea - a delicate matter, experts have shared a few secrets that will help you turn a nice tea in a ritual.

Smoking may cause

schizophrenia. Researchers from the UK have reported that smoking is dangerous not only for the human lung and the cardiovascular system, but also for mental health.

Potatoes, coffee, bread, pasta - harmful products that are actually useful

Pasta, red meat, potatoes, bread and beer. Terrible dream of those who want to start eating right and sits on a diet. But whether these products are harmful, as they say to us?

What happens to your body when giving up sodas

As soda is associated with headache, dulling the taste buds, overweight and other health problems?

Scientists have told us what is dangerous aperitif

A glass of wine before a meal causes us to eat more later, as the learned experts in the field of healthy nutrition.

Named the 3 benefits of pomegranate juice for men

Experts in the field of healthy food from Spain named three main reasons for the stronger sex should eat this drink daily.

Preparations herbs can be dangerous to health

So-called safe herbal medicines can be very dangerous for the human health side effects.