4 stomach type that prevent

Flat stomach - the dream of many. They often stick to a strict diet or spend a lot of time in the gym to achieve this goal.

Many can not reach it. Why? Because they do not know what type of diet and exercise approach to solve their particular problems.

It is not enough to do a thousand exercises at the press every day and it is wrong to starve. After all, there are more effective and less exhausting technique!

What our stomach tells us?

If you are unhappy with your figure, chances are you can find a type of stomach in this list:

1. bloating

The main characteristic of the abdomen - is that in the mornings it is flatter than in the evening.

During the day it accumulates gas or digestion can be broken, so the stomach swells.

This type of stomach occurs in overweight women, and thin women and may be associated with food intolerances, allergies or lazy intestines, which can be connected to an unbalanced diet.

This means that your stomach is accustomed to one and the same product (for example, because you ate the same thing several times this week).

Bloating can also be associated with lactose intolerance, yeast, alcohol, gluten in wheat or gluten. You can analyze and eliminate from your diet certain groups of foods that cause inflammation.

Once you know what your body's intolerance, eliminate these foods from your diet. In addition, if you are faced with the syndrome lazy stomach, try to train him to eat unfamiliar foods.

Eat breakfast anything unusual and satisfying, and forget about their habits. For example, drinking a cup of coffee every morning, etc.

We also advise you:

Do not overeat at night.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
Eat beneficial probiotics to stimulate the intestinal microflora.

2. Postpartum abdomen

Postpartum abdomen can be reduced gradually with the help of proper nutrition
If you have recently given birth (at least in the last two years), the living may be more prominent in, like a ball.

After pregnancy, the uterus drops and becomes more severe. You may need about 6 weeks in order to make it back to normal size, though often it takes more time.

This does not mean that you need to start doing the exercises the next day after delivery (it is assumed that it is necessary to wait for three months) or continuously thinking about how to lose weight.

At this point, the most important thing - it's your health and the health of the child.

Once you can relax and begin to deal with traces of motherhood on her body, we advise you to take vitamin supplements with fish oil as they help burn fat and reduce the production of hormones that make us a strong sense of hunger.

Another way to return the stomach beautiful shape - eat a lot of fatty acids (for example, contained in avocados, salmon and chia seeds), which contain a lot of nutrients, fight fatigue and promote the absorption of vitamins by the body.

To make sure your stomach was strong and sturdy, it is necessary to strengthen the pelvic muscles, for example, with the help of Kegel exercises, not to swing the press, because these exercises are for the muscles in good shape.

After delivery, you need to give them a little time for them to recover.

3. Small low belly

This is a typical stomach careerists or very busy mothers.

He appears, even when they go to the gym or sit on a diet, but eat the same and do the same exercise.

Other parts of the body look good, but the bulge in the abdomen spoils the silhouette.

With this type of abdominal exercises should not be abused in the press and other routine physical activities, for example, deal with a spinning rod.

They help burn fat in the hips, legs and arms, but not on the stomach.

Proper nutrition - the fundamental basis of a beautiful flat stomach. Thus we protect ourselves from constipation and inflammation.

Eat more green leafy vegetables, cereals and fruits.

Alternate abdominal exercises with stretching and strength training.

Do not forget about cardio exercises and aerobic endurance (sit-ups, jumping rope).

4. "Belly stress?

If you are constantly sitting in front of a computer and often snack, you will greatly harm your health, which negatively affects the stomach condition.

This type is characterized by severe abdominal swelling in the area of ??the diaphragm to the navel.

This is not only unhealthy food, but also with the development of the hormone cortisol, which leads to the accumulation of fat around the stomach.

If you suffer from an excess of caffeine, eat too much fast food and no exercise are likely to have a predisposition to this type of stomach.

One of the best ways to get rid of it - plenty of rest so that your body can recover on their own, and not from excitement.

Try to avoid exhaustion and eat more nutritious foods such as dried fruits.

In addition, you should drink no more than two cups of coffee a day and do more exercises on relaxation rather than aerobic exercise. Excellent fit yoga, tai chi, walks in the park, and so on. D.