A sedentary lifestyle is a vicious circle

A sedentary lifestyle is a vicious circle, as established researchers. The less physically active person is, the less he has the motivation for the gym.

Scientists may have figured out why so many people buy tickets to trips to the gym in January, but in the end did not start to play sports. The presence of excess weight makes exercise more difficult, but not because the overweight person hard to move. Just his brain in a different way "connected". It turned out that there are changing dopamine receptors, which are responsible for motivation, which creates a vicious circle of a sedentary lifestyle and low motivation.

When the researchers kept mice on a fatty diet, the rodents moved half less than usual, ignoring the tire tread. The authors of the study from the US National Institutes of Health emphasized that until the beginning of the experiment were aware of the positive impact of physical activity on human health in general. But the fact that obese people are less active on the brain's fault, was not known.

It's nice to believe that fat people move a little because of the excess weight that is difficult to endure. Now, however, it became clear that it is in the brain and lack of willpower. That may explain why gastroshuntirovanie passed through and reset the ten kilogram people are then more physically active. Their brain is still depriving people lost weight necessary motivation. And without exercise seem real torture.