Course of performance: how to make a wish

For the coming year is the all-all-all, psychologists advise to consider a few simple rules when you make a wish.

Start the machine

As a child, she said: "Wanting is not harmful, harmful not want to." And it's true. Do not want to, that is, not the desire to formulate and implement them, not really good for your health in general and in particular psyche. The man who rarely listens to dream about, sooner or later begins to feel apathy. Aims at some point simply do not appear. What's the point they appear, if they encounter a closed door?

I must say, even those of us who are closely related to themselves and their feelings, sometimes in the bustle dismiss desires. In order to start the machine before the New Year, an urgent need something and want to implement it. And show space, Father Frost, Snow Maiden and myself, that we are quite prepared to accept gifts of fate.

To arrange check

Why does one come true, and the other - no? Because often we do not always want to sincerely. Sometimes guessing the "right" of desire, that is, those who would like the Pope, mom. And no matter how much we at the same age. To distinguish the false from the true desire is quite simple. These should cause a burst of energy, and their implementation - the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. When we draw up the wording, it is important to decide: "I really want this or think that way right?".

If someone set out to make hits imposed desires, in the top ten would certainly have appeared: I want to "work out", "get another education", "learn English" and "go to the theater more often." It will be much more honest to replace the "want" in these proposals on a "must".