Fear of failure: how to overcome

Writer Patrick Edblad shares the secret of how he boldly looks to even the most severe failure in the eyes. The recipe is so versatile that they can benefit people of any profession.

Remember that the skill comes with time

One day an elderly Pablo Picasso was sitting in a cafe and something sketched on a napkin. He noticed, with some trepidation looking at him sitting next to the woman. A couple of minutes later, Master finished his coffee, crumpled piece of paper and waved to send it in the trash. The movement interrupted the question:

- Can I leave the napkin itself? - Immediately responded the woman. - I will pay.

- Of course - said the artist. - It will cost you 20 thousand dollars.

- Excuse me, how much? You did figure in just two minutes.

- No, Madam, - parried Picasso. - I took it for more than 60 years.

Picasso lived in '91. He died in 1973 and by that time amassed an impressive capital. His creative heritage has become known throughout the world. The total number of work nearer to 50 thousand, among them paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, prints and tapestries.

For decades, Picasso honed his skills and eventually reached such a level that the estimated sloppy sketch hastily in fortune or at least successfully joked about that. In any case, the moral is obvious: the skill comes with time. Therefore, in any case to be constantly practiced.

And this should not slow down the pace or to give up, even if the failure happens. Failures should be part of comfort.

Look fear in the face

Each of us was a child and did not think whether it is necessary to learn to walk. No matter what the collapse of the first attempts to turn around - we just continued in spite of everything. We get up, take a step and fell, hurting, maybe crying a moment, and then tried again. But they never twisted in the head: "Yes, friend, you're a hell of an awkward, walking - just not yours."

Apparently, the fear of failure comes as they grow older. Sooner or later, everyone begins to feel shame only by the thought of how his failures become general fun. Therefore, the majority of pre-throws lifeline and is limited in that it has.

Fear of failure.

Of course, these frameworks stifle us. We convinced ourselves that failure should be avoided. For this reason, each a failure to send the brain a red stop light: no longer do. And let this reaction gives us a sense of security, it prevents to realize our limitless potential.

Do not forget that the only way to become a better version of yourself - be ready to fall. Every now and again. The success is inseparable from the failure.

Focus on what you can control

Stoic philosopher Epictetus believed that people should focus on the internals - Internal factors subservient control. This, for example, character, values, and behavior. External factors - externalities - he can not control, so worry about them irrationally. By externalities include the past, most of the natural world, the thoughts and actions of others.

There is only one path to peace - to stop worrying about the things that are beyond the power of our will.


This idea helps me to overcome the fear of failure. Almost every time I'm going to write a series of unpleasant thoughts zapolonyayut my head: "Who are you all this? No one will read it. My friend, your lyrics are miserable. You simply have nothing to say, right? Throw this thing and loans of something else. "

In the past, these fears are enslaved me. But it is understood that I do not mind, I'm the one who hears them over time. And if so, then my thoughts are external things. I can not control what's in my head right now, so worrying about it does not make sense.

On the other hand, my texts belong to the internals. I can manage it. Therefore, I accept the decision and continue to improve their skills. I do not look at the question and typing until you come to the end.

Do not take someone else's opinion close to the heart.

This is another part of my profession, which usually becomes a big problem. Can you imagine exactly what I mean, if at least once in your life have created something and shown around the world.

Positive comments cause good feelings. But the situation is terrible, if you come negative. Get at least 100 you nice review in the memory still settles 101st negative.

So do not forget, that the statements of other people - this externality, which should be treated with a healthy share of indifference. It is impossible to please everyone, so do not spray force and do not waste time on pointless attempts.


From that moment every time you covers the fear of failure, remember the philosophical wisdom:

Consider the source of fear, and let him go back home, if he came from, and you do not subservient. As time passes, so do not burn it in vain impulses to correct something.

If you understand that concern the object sits inside you, use it as a trigger. Stop thinking and get down to business.

Be a child who is learning to walk. Fall, without worrying about how it looks and what they think surrounding. A new attempt. And another one. Again try.

Measure success not in the skill with which you avoid mistakes and diligence to do the job in spite of everything. Picasso created 50 thousand works of art to speak about it the whole world. And that you are ready?