Handshake sends millions

bacteria. Scientists from the Bacteriological Institute in Wales have shown that a large number of bacteria and germs transmitted during handshake, than at any other greetings.

Experts told how to safely celebrate the New Year

If you want to safely celebrate the New Year, listen to the advice of experts.

Good habits, through which life will be better

These habits will facilitate your daily life. Thanks to them, you will be easier to monitor what is happening.

Healthy weight loss: how to intensify the exchange of

substances. Sit on a diet, but the weight is not reduced? Exercise regularly, but the muscles are flabby? It is responsible for this metabolism, simply, metabolism.

Cleansing the body increases immunity

Studies conducted in recent years, Western Europe and the United States have shown convincingly that most diseases are caused by the body of permanent intoxication parasites.

Down with the winter beriberi: 5 best products to help

Vitamin deficiency - a problem faced by many in the winter. After the summer the number of consumed fruits and vegetables traditionally declines.

What to feed the Fire Rooster?

Rooster protects simplicity and naturalness. When choosing materials for tableware give preference to natural fabrics: linen, cotton, and natural dishes.

6 mistakes that can ruin your breakfast

Breakfast - is the most important meal of the day. Without it, we would not be able to work properly and efficiently.

The best natural alkaline drinks per day

Alkaline drinks helps to normalize the acid-alkaline balance, which is important for the proper operation of our body.

Christmas "delicacies" to eat throughout the year

For many people, New Year's holidays are associated with an abundance of favorite dishes - all those who, during the year they would not normally eat.

Experts told what drinks can be combined for the New Year table

Ideally, everyone should choose the one drink that will drink throughout the celebration.

Nutritionists tell about proper breakfast January 1

can not refuse from breakfast after a stormy party, because the body needs to recharge, so only eat up big chunks of meat and mayonnaise salads are not recommended.

How to survive the coming holidays: rules of survival

The most long-awaited holiday - of course Christmas and New Year, and a feast - their indispensable attribute.

New Year's Eve alone: ??how to meet

The national signs "As the New Year meet, so spend it" believe, if not all, almost everything.

Six products, the use of which is exaggerated

Every day we make choices, including in-store, considering the range and estimating in mind the breakfast menu and dinner at home. What to choose?

5 unexpected funds from a hangover

On the Internet, roam the most unexpected ways of dealing with alcohol intoxication. And, surprisingly, some of them really work!

Doctors told what absolutely can not drink snack

On the eve of New Year holidays should take care not only about the gifts and clothes, but also about their health, noting the basic rules of the use of alcohol safety.

6 exercises for a beautiful smile

Hollywood stars, world famous singers, supermodels - they are all charmingly smiling with cinema and television screens.

Experts have called the 6 best foods for breastfeeding mothers

Breastfeeding mothers need to pay special attention to a healthy diet. Scientists from Italy called the 6 products that it is necessary to include in the diet of women.

Over the past 20 years, the death rate from cancer has decreased by 15%

According to the research team from Cancer Research UK, over the past 20 years, the death rate from cancer has decreased by 15%.

How quickly bring

parasites from the body. According to statistics parasites varying degrees of 7 persons infected 10. These live not only harmful microorganisms in the intestines (helminthes) but also in other organs and tissues, particularly the liver, heart, and even the brain. There is no doubt that parasites cause significant harm to the body.

Communication with "heavy" people: how to protect yourself

They do not show their true emotions, constantly preach to you and give unwanted advice, and their caustic criticism always takes the form of sincere concern.

Casual meals can become a cause of serious illnesses

Everyday dishes are a great threat to health and can cause the development of many severe diseases, doctors warn.

New Year dishes of different countries

world. Herring under a fur coat, Olivier and jelly -neizmennye dishes of our New Year's table. How to dilute the traditional salads original recipes of other countries?

Why do we eat more than necessary?

overeating problem today is global. Have you ever wondered why you just can not stop when you eat something particularly tasty?

How to get better during the holidays: 12 Ways

Ahead - long celebrations with feasts. If you are afraid that the New Year celebrations will reflect poorly on your figure, take note of these tips!

Experts explain why in old age is more difficult to lose weight

German expert explains the causes of the problems with excess weight after the age of 40 years.

How not to get poisoned alcohol on New Year

Every year during the major holidays in Ukraine and other CIS countries undergo alcohol mass poisoning of people suspicious origin.

Scientists have responded to the question whether adults need milk

There is a strong opinion that the adults do not need to drink milk because their bodies are not designed to assimilate it.

Scientists have identified an incredible vegetable

Scientists have concluded that the available and cheap beet is a valuable food product. Its use supports the health of the major internal organs, experts say.