How unusual use salt

The kitchen salt - the most indispensable product, but few people know how many problems that go far beyond the kitchen, can solve the most common table salt.

Men and women respond differently to stress

Biological differences between the sexes have been identified at all stages of the study of German scientists.

Nutritionists said that there at night to lose weight

Dinner - this is one of the most difficult periods for meals. Because after a hard day I want to have a very strong, and the evening meal most unsafe for losing weight.

Diet to reduce the stomach - the first results within a week!

Diet, aimed at reducing the volume of the abdomen and sides, provides for reducing the number of calories to 1500 a day.

Babies of smokers fathers grave danger

The researchers found that children of smoking fathers may subsequently manifest a resistance to life-saving drugs.

Lack of sleep affects

career. What would you have worked and how much you would not like your work, tired of it, if you do not relax, and you can overtake.

Talk with your friends about sex can reduce libido

Modern celebrities openly share the details of his intimate life. This causes the common people could not help compare their lives with the "exploits" of the stars.

Swedish secrets of longevity 10 tips on how to overcome the 100-year mark

Sweden - a country of centenarians. The majority of people of retirement age is the active age of life, and many 80-year-old man will not give and 50.

Habits, because of which we get fat

Often we do not pay attention to small everyday habits that actually lead to excess weight.

Thanks camels humanity get rid of

cancer. American scientists from the University of California at Riverside have created antibodies that help stop the growth of tumors in humans.

Effective remedy against intestinal spasms: 5 recipes

Experts told how to cook at home folk remedies, relieves intestinal cramps.

It identified the best products for the acceleration

metabolism. Acceleration of metabolism leads to weight loss, and there are products that help him "shake" is particularly effective.

Loneliness kills the body at the cellular level

Psychologists from the University of California in Los Angeles, explained exactly what loneliness is harmful to human health.

Artificial light at night may lead to obesity

Researchers from Israel reported that they were able to find the cause of obesity.

Seafood lovers are swallowed up 11000 plastic particles in the year

Seafood lovers swallow up to 11 thousands of tiny pieces of plastic each year, part of which is deposited in the body, causing a variety of long-term health risks.

Reduced calorie diet slows aging

Development tools, anti-aging, is engaged in multi-billion dollar industry, but these funds work mainly at the skin level.

Named the vegetables and herbs that reduce the likelihood of metastasis of breast cancer

Perhaps the regular consumption of vegetables and herbs (eg celery, broccoli, parsley and thyme) reduces the likelihood of the formation of metastases in breast cancer.

Fat-burning drinks: 8 best one!

If you are trying to lose weight and want to keep fit, these drinks will be very helpful.

7 Principles

fat diet. Author of the book "Eat fats and lose weight? (Eat Fat, Get Thin), Dr. Mark Hyman (Mark Hyman), is sure to lose weight, it is necessary to have a "fatty" foods.

Eating before bedtime:

authorized products. If closer to the night you wake up in the hunger that contrary to common sense and observance of the diet drives to the refrigerator, do not indulge in a snack.

Why winter there want more

All about Che, you're thinking - it's the food? A habit to check the refrigerator every half an hour had already become manic? We found five reasons why winter is constantly hungry.

8 products which contain collagen, necessary

skin. If you are over 35 years old, and you notice that your skin loses its elasticity, firmness and the first wrinkles appear, the culprit is collagen, and more specifically, a decrease in its production.

Why it is useful to have a pear?

Pears - it's very tasty fruit, they contain a lot of water and you can enjoy them in hundreds of desserts.

Scientists have told us what the athletes are prone to depression

German scientists from the Technical University of Munich found that representatives of individual sports are more prone to depression than their counterparts working in teams.

Scientists spoke about the benefits of diluted apple juice

Single apple juice is very useful for patients with mild gastroenteritis and children, said experts from Canada.

Doctors discovered how to teach yourself to eat less

Those who are trying to lose weight, scored due to power for a long period of holidays, can help find the Danish researchers.


imperceptible symptoms of cancer. These cancer symptoms are very similar to "ordinary" pain, so they are easy to ignore.

10 symptoms of diseases which can be identified by eyes

Eyes - mirror of the soul. But in the eyes and you can still learn about some human diseases. What kind of symptoms associated with the eyes, may be the first signs of the disease?

5 important qualities that gives confidence

Self-confidence gives you a lot of advantages because people who have it are able to safely express their views and defend their point of view.

What should I do to avoid getting fat in winter?

In winter, I want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and not go out of the house? It's hard not to put on weight, but there is good news: following a few simple rules, you can keep in shape.