Medication for the holiday table: the safety rules

In combination with certain medications glass of wine in the New Year's Eve can turn from a festive attribute bomb.

Recipes with ginger in diseases of the liver and bile ducts

The reasons for the occurrence of liver diseases are many but the main ones are unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, a sedentary lifestyle, viral infection.

Onions can undermine health

heart. Onion is associated with a healthy diet, as has long been known that it is full of vitamins. But physicians are reminded that this vegetable can have on the body and the harmful influence.

10 myths about food, which denies science

Many still try not to eat after six pm. It seems that if the sleep on a full stomach, eaten everything goes into fat. But this is just a myth.

8 obvious symptoms of lung cancer

About 8 most common symptoms of lung cancer have told experts in the treatment of this disease in Germany.

Sex outside of time: how to keep the passion in a relationship

Often we hear that after many years of living together "sex is not important", "at this age feel ashamed to think about it", "relationship to a new level," and so on.

If you have diabetes: 11 daily rules

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to seriously reconsider their way of life. After all, how active you are, from your diet and stress level depends on your state of health.

Sauna useful hypertensive subject to caution

In quiet phase after the sauna blood pressure, as a rule - is much lower than before treatment.

Women suffer from cancer more often than men

The number of new cases of cancer among women is 6 times ahead of those of men, as the British researchers found.

How to deal with the decline of forces: a few key points

Lack of desire, decreased performance, complete apathy - all symptoms of burnout.

Named diet that will preserve brain health

Adherence to the Mediterranean diet can save the brain volume. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of microbiology in the US capital.

5 alternatives to the popular cough drops

Experts from Denmark, called the 5 natural products that are not as effective as many cough medicines.

Multiple sclerosis freeze stem cells

British scientists are working on a new method of treatment of multiple sclerosis, which allows you to "reinstall" the immune system.

Scrub avocado pits to help beat cellulite

Cellulite can be overcome by natural means, such as a scrub on the basis of avocado pits.

How to protect against breast cancer and other diseases

Female patients with breast diseases every year becomes more and more, the first place in terms of - in breast cancer.

Ten morning habits to help you lose weight

If you think that you can lose weight, but exhausting himself to death, it is not so. Simple and useful morning habits will help you to have the spring to get rid of extra kilos.

If the weight exceeds the norm of 15 kg or more: effective diet

One of the most effective diet is considered to be on the so-called tissue burners and fat blockers.

5 effects of a high level of testosterone

Testosterone in the male body is traditionally associated with aggressiveness, increased libido and masculinity.

Female hormones: the most important facts you need to know

Scientists from the United States reported on some of the facts of the female hormone estrogen, which is necessary to know all of the fair sex.

8 facts about prostate cancer, you need to know

men. It is believed that prostate cancer - a disease of older people, which generally correspond to reality.

Fat burn delicious

In the morning we wake up and usually drink tea or coffee. However, with all the benefits of these wonderful drinks, they do not deprive us of the excess weight. But there is one true miracle beverage that has great taste and at the same time helps to lose weight.

Scientists: grasping movements improve memorization

Unusual discovery of German scientists can be used in stroke rehabilitation.

Top 10 detox products that activate the metabolism and improve the skin condition

Life in the big city - a real test for our body: constant stress, poor environment and poor diet.

10 reasons to eat more often cauliflower

Do you like cauliflower? Or, alternatively, you can not stand even the smell of this vegetable from the cabbage family?

Scientists have found positive effects in depression

Depressive disorders - it is not always evil. In depression, as the researchers found in Germany, there are certain positive aspects.

It turned out why women are more likely to suffer from arthritis

Scientists from the University of Michigan, might have been able to answer the question of why women face much more likely than men with arthritis.

3 best recipe for detoxification

body. Detoxification - a physiological process by which your body gets rid of metabolic products.

Myths about nutrition, which should not believe

E-components - a synonym for chemistry, foods with GMOs are hazardous to health - doctor-gastroenterologist Alexei Paramonov told about popular myths about foods and nutrition.

12 useful kitchen tricks

What products can be saved with the help of salt, why it is not necessary to drain the water after boiling potatoes, and where better to keep the tomatoes and bananas?

Simple exercises in pain in the wrists, which can be done at your desk

Surely you are familiar with the pain in his wrist after a long day spent at the computer.