Amazing properties of broccoli, which are good for our health

Broccoli - a vegetable that resembles a "tree", belonging to the family of cruciferous (also including cabbage).

Scientists describe the ideal number of sex partners in

human life. The question of how much a person should ideally be a sexual partner for life, excites many.

The healing elixir that will eliminate the accumulated toxins in the colon

The accumulated toxins in the colon can be highly dangerous to your overall health condition.

Dill, honey and valerian - a powerful tool for cleaning vessels!

Unfortunately, our blood vessels have become contaminated property. They accumulate in the walls of their deposits of inorganic salts.

Named affordable tool that protects against kidney stones

If you want to save the kidney health, for this there is a simple and affordable means - fresh coconut water.

Plaque: natural remedies to overcome

problems. Many of us are concerned about the plaque, this unpleasant yellowish film that appears on the surface of the teeth.

Effective help with bronchitis: 12 recipes based on

bow. Bronchitis - an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, connect the windpipe to the lungs.

Analysts have called the best purple food

Analysts including food purple color in the top 10 global trends in 2017.

10 popular beauty treatments that can turn into a nightmare

Many popular treatments that we do at home, it is better left to professionals.

12 tested recipes for varicose

Varicose veins - a condition in which the walls of the large vessels lose their elasticity, the veins swell and expand in certain areas and stretched.

For normal operation of the immune system must be cleansed of parasites

It is very difficult in today's environment to lead a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you live in a big city, often using public transportation, shake hands during a meeting with colleagues and friends and exchanging banknotes in shops with vendors.

How to survive the loneliness: 10 Ways

There is not a man who would have never experienced loneliness. This feeling can be very difficult, especially if caused by the death of a loved one, illness, loss of employment.

Doctors told how to be treated

flu. The main rule of any cases of influenza - drinking plenty of fluids and bed rest, strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the exclusion from the diet, harmful and heavy meals.

How to "slam the door" in the old and successfully start the new year

At year end, the productivity drops: we count the days until the start of the holidays. Entrepreneur Sean Kelly gives 7 tips on how to most effectively complete the year.

Named the principal conditions for health

brain. To permanently preserve brain activity, authoritative in the US physician naturolog Michel Shoffro recommended to follow certain habits in daily life.

Nuts and grains can cause tooth decay as sugar

The remains of primitive people helped scientists figure out which can cause tooth decay.

Five foods that prolong life

There are many ways to prolong life, including the right supplements and regular physical activity.

It was learned why the New Year holidays people are more likely to die

Scientists have found that on the eve of and during the Christmas holidays mortality of people from heart disease increases. And this is connected not with the cold weather, or the wrong treatment.

How to improve the shape on the job

Reset a couple of kilos is not so difficult, even if you have all day to sit at your desk, say experts.

Which cooking oil is more useful: almond, pine nut or sunflower

?. We used to use two types of oil in the kitchen - sunflower and olive. Although there are many other vegetable oils, which are suitable for cooking.

"The diet of one hand": how to determine the size of the servings

Despite the fact that many do not believe in this method, "a diet of one hand" will help to calculate the right amount of food that we need to eat every day.

How to choose the perfect champagne: 5

tips. Nothing creates a happy festive mood as cold sparkling champagne spilled on a thin, elegant glass.

Named the most dangerous products for the holiday table

British chemist Katrin Harkap listed the most dangerous foods and decorations of natural origin, which can be found on the holiday table.

Unhealthy kidneys: 7 signs

Kidney - a pair body which is located at the back of the abdominal cavity, on each side of the spine.

Sleeping on your side cleanses the brain from

waste. American researchers from the University of Rochester reported that they were able to figure out how to affect the health of sleep on his side.

There was a cure for the most aggressive multiple sclerosis

Completed clinical trials of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis, has been very successful.

Flexibility: Why drag in adulthood

?. Flexibility - along with strength, stamina, speed and coordination - is part of the concept of physical fitness.

Tea protects against premature death

According to the scientists from France, the consumption of tea can reduce the risk of premature death by more than 24%.

Impotence associated with myocardial

US experts believe that between impotence and cardiovascular disease in men there is a relationship.

Scientists have explained why in the New Year holidays need to take a break from social networks

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that regular use of social networks can lead to a bad mood.