Named products helpers in the fight against disease and old age

Our body - ideally suited mechanism for survival in the wild. This means that, theoretically, we are able to make a very, very many complexities. However, our natural defense mechanisms come into disrepair when we start to eat properly. Processed foods, sugar and various additives - in this lies the reason for the weakening of immunity. But the transition to a healthy diet can make a difference.

Inclusion in the diet of these products showed improvement in health even in patients with severe heart disease, say nutritionists.


Bean is not only an important source of vegetable protein, which is needed at high loads, but also carries a charge of minerals, which are needed for healthy bones, teeth and hair. It is important to remember that the most useful part of the bean - its shell, which are concentrated vitamin compound and dissolved minerals.

[/b] Berries.

Berries are full of organic compounds that are not found anywhere else except these little fruits. This unique combination of vitamins which have antioxidant properties and are able to be transported from the stomach to the brain weight of necessary substances.

Red cabbage

cruciferous vegetables contain a unique compound called sulforaphane. It is important in preventing the inflammatory processes and formation of cancer cells. Sulforaphane is, broccoli and cauliflower, but none compares to the cost of the usual cabbage. It contains more antioxidants than blueberries, but it is primarily a raw cabbage.


Green vegetables and fiber in them - the only way to reduce the scale of the inflammatory processes in the body. The constant use of green food can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, to promote the excretion of excess cholesterol and normalize weight.


Mushrooms are so unique in their protein composition, which have no analogs. This is especially true of amino acids called Ergothioneine, which does not exist anywhere except mushrooms. Irreplaceable acid is able to normalize blood circulation and slow down cell death, effectively extending the life.


Flax seeds are traditionally used as a supplement to the diet of cancer patients. Active substance seeds - lignans, which are only found in flax and pumpkin seeds and soybeans. They are able to prevent the inflammation of any kind.


No other product on the ground, which would be just as nutritious and useful at the same time. Walnuts - the reference repository of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which help in the fight against cancer. The inclusion of nuts in the diet reduces the risk of disease by half - is not a reason to start eating them right now.


Turmeric - a natural thermogenics. It can increase the body's resistance to pathogens, and also contains the very superzhiry that are incredibly important for the metabolism of a healthy person.

Whole grains

People who eat whole grains, live significantly longer than those who do not. This is shown by long-term monitoring of all kinds of people. In all cases, whole grains, even grind into flour is much more useful product than products made with white flour.


Green tea is actually able to lower blood pressure and contribute to the conclusion of harmful cholesterol. Some nutritionists say that you should not only drink tea, but it is - Drinking tea with tea leaves.