The main safety rules on slippery sidewalks

First of all, in the ice can not be rushed and distracted by listening to music, bright windows or SMS writing, and to reduce the risk of falling need to tread on the ground the whole foot and walk to a little bent legs.

On the ice you need to go "hard" step at a slightly bent legs. If the shoe allows, it is desirable to the back of the legs as if slightly "pierce" the ice - a style of walking the least traumatic and safe for pedestrians.

"Confidently put foot in front of the other foot, as if hammering it into the ice, advancing, and leaning on the whole foot," - recommends that the trauma surgeon Valentine Brown -. In no case did not keep his hands in his pockets, as you reduce its own maneuverability when walking and risk not to have time to react in case of a fall. ?

If you feel that fateful fall can not be avoided, then at least in your power to make a" pirouette "less traumatic.

Rescuers, in turn, advise: if you feel that fall, sit down at once to reduce the height, and touching the ground, rolling to reduce the burden

Walking along the street, do not wear headphones, do not talk on the phone - it is important to maintain the maximum concentration in order to to be able to catch the moment in which you can fall. As soon as you understand that you are losing balance, try to minimize the degree of potential injury. Immediately bend knees to the legs, chin to chest press. Try to fall on its side, in order to reduce the pain from the blow and rolled onto his back.

"During the ice out of the house in advance and how you would not be late, do not run! It is better to be late for 15 minutes and listen to the discontent boss than to miss a month of work and stay at home with plaster, "- says the doctor.