Habits, from which you gain weight

The old saying goes: if you find yourself standing in a deep hole with a shovel in his hands - stop digging. When it comes to weight loss, many people it is difficult to stop and not continue to dig the hole. From the roots grow all the guilty pleasure - an impulsive overeating, cravings for carbohydrates and other things that can turn a healthy person into a walking disease. This often happens because we do not pay attention to small everyday habits that actually lead to excess weight.

To enjoy a flat stomach and smooth skin experts advise to change a part of daily habits.

Low-fat products

It sounds silly, but stop buying low-fat products - is another way to lose fat. These products are inferior to the usual very little calories. In the composition of stored carbohydrates ineffective in which fats seen.


Lack of water negatively affects the metabolism and allows toxins linger in the body. Sufficient clean water is a basic rule of a healthy diet.

Lack of sleep

People with lack of sleep tend to consume more carbohydrates than those that sleep enough time. This relationship is established for a long time and has been repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies.

Carbonated water

Carbonated water has earned the status of a taboo among nutritionists even with the most extreme views. Excessive amounts of sugar, harmful acids and insulin emissions - just the tip of the harm that carbonated water does the body.

Skipping lunch

Many people think that skipping your next meal will lead to weight loss effect, but in fact, this habit can only disrupt the metabolism and lead to more obesity.

You eat too fast

The body needs about 20 minutes to the stomach signaled the brain - enough! During this time, you can cram a huge amount of food, which will be the cause of excess weight.

[/b] combo dinners.

Those people that are inclined to order the combo meals at the cafe, get a lot more inefficient calories than those eating meals alone.

[b] Diets

Artificial moderation and cuts of certain foods is not good for balance and harmony in the diet. As soon as the diet ends, you return to the old habits.

You eat from large plates.

A large plate psychologically forced to eat more - Review your service and give preference to a small bowl.

Lack of mobility

Elevated levels of the stress hormone - cortisol - leads to abnormalities in the blood. To reduce hormone levels to normal can only sufficient amount of movement: they could be yoga, fitness or walking.

Ineffective calories

Even if you eat healthy food, not the fact that you do it correctly. A typical meal should look like - 50% vegetables, 35% lean protein and 15% fat.

Lack vitamins.

Vitamins control bad cholesterol and blood sugar, and only with a closed body needs will be able to get rid of excess fat.

Taking certain medications

The disease can cause set kilograms, especially if you are bedridden, and eat with a healthy appetite. Also, some medicines may trigger an increase in appetite. It is necessary to consult with your doctor about possible side effects of treatment.


Procrastination - the habit to postpone everything for later. Because of this, the scourge of the modern world, we are constantly putting off trying to lose weight, and going to the gym, and recreation, in the mythical future.