Help the digestive tract after the holidays: the purification and recovery

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, our body needs purification and recovery.

Good posture will help get rid of depression

Correct posture helps in treating depression, as the researchers found the University of Auckland in New Zealand. It turns out, from a straight back depends on a person's mood.

How to prepare your body to the limits in food during Lent

This year, Lent will begin on February 27 and will last until April 15 heralding a bright holiday of Passover.

I found a way to treat alcoholism

US researchers reported that they were able to find a way that will cure people of alcoholism.

Doctors, nutritionists recommend a simple weight loss

The popular belief that to lose weight quickly and many can not be firmly lodged in the minds of modern humans.

Benefits trays with vinegar for

feet. Vinegar - is a product that is at hand every good housewife. Because it can be used not only in the kitchen, but also as a cleaning means, but also for therapeutic purposes.

Pneumonia: under what symptoms require emergency medical assistance

Pneumonia exhausting cough, pain and fever, and can result in respiratory failure, sepsis and even death.

Effective diet for correcting

metabolism. Specially designed diet for rapid weight loss and metabolism correction.

As the time to detect irregularities in the thyroid

The thyroid gland - a small organ that resembles a butterfly in shape, is located in front of the man's neck. Its main function - the production of hormones.

5 debunk myths about

breakfast. For some, the first meal - a bar, intercepted on the way to work for another - a full breakfast with scrambled eggs and coffee houses.

9 ways to wake up earlier

To wake up in the morning early, and at the same time throughout the day to feel cheerful, should be offered advice.

The researchers explained the reasons for the universal hatred of hypocrites

Duplicity people call intuitive aversion because conflicting signals sent by them, are confusing.

Products that have not immediately tastier

There are a number of products that have little to mature, to gain its unique taste.

Sports relieve the negative effects of alcohol

Sport activities help to reduce the risk of many diseases caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

What color eyes can tell

health. Eye color not only gives shine and gives the beauty of your face. It can also tell a lot about you. And not a single gene responsible for eye color.

How to reduce the risk of cancer: 12

recommendations. Each type of cancer has its own risk factor, but a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Doctors have suggested losing weight with the help of Sleep

Forget the diet if it does not help to become slimmer - scientists have proved that you can lose weight with the help of quality sleep.

5 common myths about oral sex

Many practitioners in bed oral sex, but few people know that they can be no less dangerous, than having unprotected sex.

The first signs of Alzheimer's disease or just forgetfulness: where is the border

?. Where is the boundary between normal forgetfulness and the first alarming symptoms of Alzheimer's disease?

What products should be in your kitchen, but from what is better to get rid

It is time to fulfill the promise of the New Year, the data itself. Go to nutrition start with a revision of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.

Holiday in the open air: the most delicious ways to cook mulled wine

Mulled wine - especially celebratory drink. It is drunk at the Christmas markets and festivals taking place in the open air.

Nutritionists have called the most difficult 7 for

products of the body. Nutritionists have compiled a list of products that are most difficult to digest by the body.

Stroke: how high blood pressure can destroy the brain

Stroke younger: one in ten of those who are faced with this disaster - is less than 45 years.

5 Secrets ideal

cooking pasta. Today, Italian dishes are served in most restaurants around the world. They bribe that is truly universal.

Experts have found out who is primarily threatened by cancer

skin. Scientists have found that builders were significantly more likely at risk of developing the deadliest form of skin cancer due to the fact that they work in the sun.

Nutritionists have criticized the recognized products for breakfast

It turns out that the products which made breakfast, can seriously harm the body.

Post-holiday detox: 5

cocktails. Lingering festive meal leaves a feeling of heaviness, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and extra weight.

6 main reasons to sleep more often on the left side

It is believed that a person does not need to sleep on your left side, as this is bad for the heart. However, scientists have named six reasons why sleep in this position will benefit.

The more dangerous in bed

gadgets. mobile tools are well positioned in our lives. We sometimes to the middle of the night sitting in social networks, check my email, reply to comments, etc.

The list of foods that can be eaten at night

Nutritionists from the US compiled a list of low-calorie foods for a late dinner.