Intercostal neuralgia: symptoms and causes of

Intercostal neuralgia is characterized by the appearance of pain in the intercostal nerves in their infringement or irritation. As a result, the strongest pain difficulty breathing and become impossible any active movement of the upper half of the body.

According to the health info with reference to the Observer, the disease is vague symptoms, in some cases the pain can be severe and intense enough, while in others it is a constant aching in nature, does not allow a person to breathe normally and to make active movements.

Main symptoms:

? sharp aching pain in the chest, along the edges;

? Any movement causes a significant increase in pain;

? an attack can last from a few seconds to a few minutes;

? pain in the heart, while ignoring the need for treatment are more frequent;

? Development neuralgia preceded by lesions of the spine.

Pain Syndrome appears with any one side. If you have pains on the left, they do not decrease when taking nitroglycerin.

The emergence of intercostal neuralgia is associated with a reduction in height of the intervertebral disc and bulging that causes reflex reactions due to pinched nerves. In case of refusal of treatment or improper treatment is the formation of trigger points that become a source of chronic pain and preceded dysfunction edge-vertebral joints.

In the treatment of intercostal neuralgia plays a major role to establish the true cause of the disease.