A nutritionist advised, as it is easier to unlearn eat sweet

Getting used to the sweet taste is in line with the thrust to alcohol or nicotine: The more sugar a person consumes, the more he wants more. The authoritative British expert in the field of dietetics Lily Sutter told how to deal with this problem.

The expert said: those who want to get rid of the very bad habit constantly have a sweet tooth, you must tune to the "program of withdrawal" in one month long. If within this period to follow certain rules, the effect will be obvious - the taste buds "readjust", and a craving for sweets will be significantly reduced, says Sutter.

First of all, he said dietitian, you need to remove all the fun of the availability zones.

"Sweets should not be at hand - there should not be a situation, when you open the drawer and took out a piece of chocolate. Despite the fact that this advice is quite simple, it works very effectively, "- she said.

Also, the doctor recommends to carefully read food labels and do not buy products with high levels of sugar.

"When choosing the food you need to follow one rule: if 100 grams of the product contains more than 5 grams of sugar, it is better to abandon it" - he shared the recommendation of a specialist.

Ideally, says Lily Sutter, you need to stop completely buy sweets in the shop. almost always very high, in addition to a large number of unnecessary additives are present in these foods sugar or sugar substitutes.

Those who can not imagine themselves without the sweet, it is advised to cook desserts on their own - and better, so that instead of sugar added to them bits of fruits or berries or cinnamon.

In addition, for the withdrawal of the sweet it is important to eat enough protein, as well as foods rich in chromium. These nutrients help to stabilize blood sugar levels, which suppresses a burning desire to eat sweets.

The expert recalled that the richest sources of protein are lean meats, tuna and beans, and high chromium content are distinguished potatoes, asparagus, tomatoes, orange juice, broccoli and whole grains.