"Indicators of hunger," What are these, and how they help to lose weight

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and severe restrictions on food - and still get consistent results? As the solid experience of the author's technique for weight loss "EshChitayHudey" Zoe Bogdanova - yes, it's real! We just need to know a little trick about which expert today to tell our readers.


Antidietolog Zoe Bogdanov introduced a harmonious weight loss system a new concept - "hunger indicator." An indicator of hunger in her program is any piece of food weighing 20 grams and the amount of 20 calories. In fact, this piece of food the size of a large almond.

To the new approach began to give tangible effect, you need to eat 1 or 2 indicator of hunger every hour and a half - it does not matter, you feel hungry or not.


The mechanism of hunger impact indicators is simple - and at the same time has a clear scientific explanation: when the body is constantly fed food, he comes from a state of stress, which occurs due to lack of calories and nutrients. As a result, the regime of accumulation reserve "rainy day" turned off, and the body begins to quietly spend their supplies.

Indicators instruct the brain: "The food is always available, hunger is not threatened, no longer need to hoard fat."

To ensure continuity of the process and, as a result, steady weight loss results, the indicators should be present in the diet throughout the day: that is, until the time bedtimes continue to eat one, two maximum indicator every 1.5-2 hours.


The indicator can be any available food: cheese slice 1 cm thick, dry cereal bread, a slice of cucumber or apple, other fruit or vegetables. As practice shows, it is most convenient to carry in a purse or pocket and the clothes dried nuts - in addition, they can even eat in a public place.

Make a list of what you want to use as indicators of hunger - guided by their tastes and preferences, because of the food you need to have fun, even small portions! Put a goal for yourself - during the next visit to the store to buy snacks for the desired products, distribute them at home to serving and use within a week.


It may seem that the control methods difficult indicators. In fact, the habit of chewing on something during the day, and so we are, left to replace the usual high-calorie snacks and office tea indicators of hunger.

Put in your pocket or on your desktop 8 pieces of dried fruit or nuts 8 that you need to eat per day, and each time there is a desire to chew something delicious, remembers useful indicators of hunger.

By the way! In a situation where there is no way to eat a full meal, you can safely avoid starvation stress with the help of indicators - just eat them as slowly and thoughtfully.


You want to know whether you are able to enjoy the food and extract the maximum energy? Take any indicator, which is now at hand - for example, a nut. Set a timer for two minutes, put a piece of tongue, close your eyes and enjoy. Imagine the story of the emergence of this nut: he grew and matured under the hot sun, as the caring hands carefully harvested, washed, dried, packed and sent on a long journey across the sea, and finally he got to the supermarket shelf.

Were you able to focus on the experiences of taste? If nothing special you do not feel it makes sense to repeat this exercise for a week and learn to "catch a buzz" even a small piece of food. Enjoyment itself slows down the process of eating, the mind focuses on this action that promotes good digestion and weight normalization. In addition, the ability to enjoy the simple things is a kind of psychotherapy and reduce the general level of stress in your life.

Indicators of hunger - a real godsend for those who like to constantly pull the food into his mouth. They are useful and tasty, contain a minimum of calories and allow to eat! No longer need to be tormented by guilt because of excess ingested pieces: an optimal combination of lack of hunger and weight loss will make you really happy!


It is recommended to eat 2-3 times a day and follow the rules of the activated products. Activated stomach foods - it (exaggerated) everything that grew on a tree, under a tree, under, swam under water or running on the ground. For example, the marshmallow is not exactly up on the tree, so its practical benefits for our body is zero, but the calories are quite capable of "stick" to the waist and hips. Artificially synthesized substances are not recognized by the body, it can not split them into simpler components and to assimilate, so they accumulate in cells, tissues, causing disease and overweight.

In the daily diet should be about 90% of activated products and allowed up to 10% of non-activated, but only until 12:00. To activate the product include: fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, eggs, cereals, bread, olive oil and sunflower oil, honey, berries, nuts, and legumes.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HARD eat one nut and stop?

Take only the nuts a day (8-11 nuts), not to carry bags and bags of dried fruits and nuts. It is necessary to hold the first day, then it will be easier. If you eat 2-3 times a day and every 1.5 hours to eat a nut, and before eating to drink 200 grams of hot water and tea before any intake of coffee or to drink 100 grams of hot water that hunger will disappear very quickly. And we must not stop himself, but, on the contrary, it is necessary to control the reception of indicators, because they need to take in any case, even if you do not want to eat. To do this, you can set a reminder on your phone.

And remember the psychological causes of overeating!

Yet we must not forget that there is a hidden psychological reasons that people overeat and always something to chew. For example, he calms himself through food or happy. It suppresses any negative emotions and stress. So it is important to re-train yourself not to enjoy "the mouth" and eat as much as is actually required by the body.