Fitness Anti-Aging

Numerous scientific studies prove the beneficial effects of any kind of physical activity on life expectancy. How it works and what sport to choose, says the doctor, nutritionist, and an expert on healthy lifestyles Catherine Strelnikova, according to health info with reference to

The sooner you start to exercise regularly, the younger will look and feel better with age. And not necessarily become a violent fan of fitness. You slow the aging process, even if you take it a rule to make daily walks in the fresh air.


Research conducted in 2012 in Boston, opened irisin hormone. It is produced in us when active muscle contraction, that is, when you exercise. The same hormone is responsible for active fat burning and telomere length of chromosomes. And just telomere length determines the biological age of a person.

For example, the cardiovascular system for professional athletes who train constantly, about two times younger than their peers who are not familiar with the sport.

Only six months of aerobic endurance training (running, cycling, rowing) to help restore the respiratory system almost completely, even in people over 50 years. The study, published in the journal "Clinical endocrinology and metabolism? (The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism), said that the rate of muscle aging can be slowed by using cardio and strength training.

What kind of sport CHOOSE

Let's say you have never done, avoided the gym side and now decided: "Everything! It's time! "From where do you start?

Aerobic exercise. The most effective anti-aging with prolonged aerobic exercise, but not the stress load. These workouts can be held both on land and in water. Great work all kinds of aqua aerobics or gymnastics on land. cardio zone in fitness clubs, too, was created precisely for this purpose.

Swimming. Elderly good to start training with the pool. First of all, the aqueous medium allows you to unload the musculoskeletal system - disappears shock load (such as when running or jumping on the land), the axial load (as in squats).

Aerobic effect strengthens the cardiovascular system, the effect of water gidrromassazhny useful for vascular walls. It is important for varicose veins and hypotension or hypertension.

Yoga. Any areas of the ancient practice will strengthen the deep muscles of the stabilizers (a muscular corset of the spine and the muscles that support the joints), teach proper breathing (complete delivery of oxygen to all the organs and tissues and thus improve their work).

Dancing. They improve the coordination and support communication between the hemispheres of the brain, which with age may be violated.

The gym is not necessary to get round functional training zone, which ensures qualitative strengthening of the muscular system without the use of free weights. But beginners or people of mature age to engage in reasonable under the control of a competent coach.

And of course, in the hall of the training should be bracing or rehabilitative in nature. Sport powerlifting or weightlifting are unlikely to be relevant.

In short, choose a workout that will be fun. The fitness is important to combine business with pleasure. Only under this condition will be regular classes.

The load should be moderate even in cardio, at least in power. She selected individually taking into account the baseline level of fitness and health. Therefore, before starting an exercise in fitness clubs to visit, consult a specialist.

The optimal multiplicity of sessions at the beginning - 2-3 times a week for a beginner. The body must gradually adapt to the training process and to fully recover.