9 secrets to help you work less and more to keep up

Time menedzhent - it's not always 100% useful. Many people are practicing techniques of effective work and saving time, note that their performance is actually reduced. Writes about this portal The Muse, reported health info with reference to ubr.ua.

If you want to keep up more and not focus on the ongoing management time, try to find their own schemes of work and to adjust the load. To help in this are 9 simple secrets.

Use the talents of others

Sometimes you want to do it yourself, make it better, more professional, more successful. However, you absolutely do not underestimate their peers and subordinates. They can also perform tasks and get excellent results. Trust them. If you are one /one, think about outsourcing.

Accent more attention to what you are doing

By performing several tasks at once, you are likely to receive little or no focus. To overcome absent-mindedness, try to focus on one task and not be distracted until you finish it. Do not let yourself be interrupted by extraneous things. So you will soon be able to erase from the general list of what you need to do at least one task.

Organize and develop strategies

It is better to take the time to think about it, what then do not keep pace. Develop a strategy assignments, integrate planning and try different options.

Use your strengths

You will work effectively in those areas who understand perfectly. Identify your strengths and be engaged in only with what really sure. If the job is unlikely to give you strength and energy, it is better to entrust it to someone else.

Keep calm and make informed decisions

Even in the most difficult professional situations, stay calm and do not let your emotions take over the reins. This will help keep a clear mind and not make mistakes.

Do not reinvent the wheel

Completing tasks, do not try to come up with their own new techniques or tools. Yes, it's creative, and it is undoubtedly useful if used correctly. Given the shortage of time and the constant load, try to use the methods that are already running.

Do your best

Trying to achieve excellent results, try to give all the best to the full, and for that you need a vacation, weekends and free time. Do not forget about it. In the end, the principle is quite simple: to work really efficiently, focus not on how much you work, and how you do it.

Focus on three major tasks for the day

In the world there are a hundred million of paper, computer, mobile and other task lists. Probably, even the ancient people made themselves notches on the spear, not to forget their deeds.

But whatever tools are powerless without one simple rule: every morning, take a few minutes to think and write three of the most important tasks for the current day. Then focus your efforts on the implementation of the short list. The main thing - these three problems, the rest as far as possible. This simple but powerful habit will greatly increase your productivity.

Take the time and place for reflection

People of intellectual labor and creativity are the item does not properly understand. "Why else would a special time for reflection, when I'm at work and do just that?". The fact of the matter is that you need a special time, during which you will not think about the logo of your site or product delivery delays.

This is the idle abstract thought processes. About the meaning of life, about women and relationships of the eternal and the momentary. Find a place where you no one will distract and return to the earth, and think about everything except work. First is unusual, but then you learn. Attend this secret place regularly.

And most importantly - successful people do not always mean very busy. It is a fact.