Air conditioners in the bedroom hinder good sleep

Japanese scientists have found that the air conditioning could unintentionally badly affect a person's quality of sleep. It depends from the cooled air flow rate and its direction, health info reports citing

If you are going to use the air conditioner in the bedroom during sleep, be sure to adjust the air flow rate and direction. Researchers from Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan have found that if the flow is directed to the sleeper's body even for not very perceptible rate, it may lead to an increase in heart rate. Under the influence of flow often varies person sleeping posture, due to which performs significantly more body movements. This leads to the fact that he frequently wakes. This occurs in those areas in which the air flow rate from the air conditioner is 014 m /s.

Researchers have shown that the flow of cool air has a significant impact on the quality of sleep, especially if the sleeping person high sensitivity to cold and lack of physical conditioning. According to the researchers, conditioners stimulate the human body during sleep, even if the air flow rate is negligible. And although the hot weather, these devices provide coolness, which is essential for normal sleep at night, they have an unintended negative impact of which science does not know anything.

However, the results show that if a person will adjust the airflow from the air conditioner, pointing it in the direction away from you, it will help improve sleep quality and protect against more frequent awakenings. Note that the cool bedroom helps a person much faster fall asleep due to the processes of thermoregulation of the body. The experts recommend that the temperature in the bedroom has always been a few degrees lower than in other areas.