8 of the rules of a healthy lifestyle, which can be ignored

On all sides we hear advice on how to live right. It turns out that it is sometimes dangerous to follow, according to the experts of the health info with reference to health.mail.ru.

Sleep 8 hours

The claim that the health and vitality we need 8 hours of sleep, has become outdated. According to researchers from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), should stay no longer than 7:00 in the arms of Morpheus. But whatever the scientists have stated, the duration of sleep - a piece is individual and depends on many factors.

There cereal for breakfast

While advertising convinces dietary value of cornflakes, scientists from different countries prove otherwise. According to researchers, the amount of sugar, salt and preservatives in breakfast cereals exceeds allowable limits. Fortunately, the Western food culture is still inferior to the proven domestic porridge.

Brushing your teeth after eating

Those who did not brush his teeth in the morning and evening, scientists are advised to moderate their ardor. According to the Mayo Clinic, tooth brushing is harmful to the enamel, if before you eat oranges, lemons and other sour foods. The fact that citric acid weakens the tooth enamel, and brushing can easily damage the protective coating. Therefore, brush your teeth should not be less than 30 minutes after the "sour" feast.

Run in the morning

Run useful at any time - not just at dawn. So do not get hung up on a morning jog. In some cases, the habit can even have a negative impact on health (especially in people with unstable heart rhythm). But even healthy people should not jump out of bed and immediately to lace shoes. The body must be awake. On the sharp rise in the body can react in unpredictable ways. At a minimum, vertigo and tachycardia.

Eating fish once a week

Scientists at Harvard University have calculated the potential harm from farmed fish. If, within 70 years, 100 thousand people will be 2 times a week consume salmon steak, then 24 people will die from cancer.

Fish fish alike. So do not believe the advertising and approach to choosing dietary product consciously. It is better to buy a piece of meat or poultry trusted than blindly follow the advice and buy it anyhow.

Wash at a minimum temperature

According to environmentalists, "the daily wash" mode (at 30 degrees) saves water on the planet and your money for electricity. However, microbiologists recommend hold dirty laundry as much as possible the processing of hot (to the best of recommendations for the care of clothes).

Some microorganisms from 30 degrees neither hot nor cold. They freely "swim" with the thing of the thing, exposing host the invisible danger. "For example, to get rid of nail fungus is difficult. It is especially difficult to remove the mycelium of the fungus from cotton goods - socks, tights. They should be boiled otglazhivat. Few people paid much attention to these subtleties of everyday, "- says Professor Elena Snakskaya venereal diseases.

To do static stretching

Static stretching, to which we have been taught in physical education classes, it does not prevent injuries and sprains. Therefore, the right-left from the slopes, you can safely give up, according to Time magazine.

Some researchers even argue that stretching reduces the intensity of training. "In fact, the muscles are overloaded, and when you start strenuous exercise, the muscles are stretched too much," - said Lynne Miller, a professor of physical therapy at the State University Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

As a warm-up better than jogging or strode into place. However, we must not forget about stretching at the end of lessons. Its effectiveness is not in doubt.

After all, a healthy lifestyle is made up of little things. And blindly follow the established rules, and numerous tips for improvement or pohudeniya- hardly reasonable. It is important to isolate the flow of information that is right for you.

Drinking certain amount of liquid.

8 glasses of notorious long ago tired of seeing the readers of magazines and viewers 'health' programs. Replenish the water reserves of the body, of course, useful. But nothing terrible will happen if you ignore the advice of nutritionists.

Professor Heinz Valtin of Dartmouth Medical School tried to find any studies that confirm the vital importance of this recommendation.

The scientist did not find anything like that, but suggested that current advice were the result of misunderstandings, dated 1945.

Then, by the Food and Nutrition Division of the US government calculated the daily rate of a ratio of 1 ml per 1 cal. With daily consumption of "average" 1900 kcal turned those same 1900 ml of water.

However, nutritionists do not take into account that most of the moisture in the body is supplied with the products. Only in 2004 the Division recognized the mistake and revised recommendations. Now, doctors are advised not to skip meals and to quench their thirst, when it appears.