Gluten-free diet is recognized as dangerous to health

Diet did not contain gluten, increases a person's vulnerability to arsenic, mercury and some other toxins and therefore it is unsafe for the body, according to an article published in the journal Epidemiology.

"Our results show that a gluten-free diet may be implicit negative consequences. In Europe, there are laws restricting the concentration of arsenic in food, whereas in the US there are only rules on the proportion of arsenic in the water. If gluten-free rice flour does increase the risk of arsenic poisoning, we too should take such norms, "- said Maria Argos (Maria Argos) from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA).

In recent years it becomes very popular so-called "gluten-free diet" in the US - a set of food products from cereals, refined gluten, gluten proteins that cause a number of inflammatory and digestive problems in about 1-2% of people in the world. Today in the US about 25% of the population eats a similar diet as well as in advertising of such products of their manufacturers claim that the removal of gluten and reduces inflammation in healthy people and extend their lives.

Argos and her colleagues decided to find out whether such a diet does carry for a benefit to humans. To answer this question, scientists have gathered a group of seven dozen volunteers who ate a similar way, and asked them to be tested to verify their health from 2009 to 2014.

As it turned out, almost all of them suffer from two very interesting common problems - increased concentrations of arsenic and mercury in their urine and blood, which was not observed in their neighbors, eating a normal meal. Scientists estimate that the average proportion of mercury in their body was on average 70% higher than typical for the Americans on a normal diet, and arsenic - twice more than usual.

The source of this pollution, as noted by Argos and her colleagues, is not clear - it can be as local stocks of arsenic and mercury entering the body of fans of a gluten-free diet along with water, and the food itself, free of gluten.

All of this suggests that celiac diet is not safe for humans, and that the consequences must be more widely to study before giving further recommendations for action for people already eating it and living in areas where the highest natural concentrations of arsenic and mercury .