Scientists describe the composition of the ideal breakfast

Scientists came to the conclusion that a lot of breakfast depends on activity and well-being throughout the day, and in addition, even the mood may depend.

Therefore, the scientists point out that it is important to approach the process of eating very carefully.

So, nutritionists say that it is necessary for breakfast there are products that would include fiber as an important part of a healthy diet and it is particularly good for breakfast.

A lot of fiber in cereals, therefore, according to nutritionists, this product is the best breakfast at any age.

Doctors say that the most fiber in buckwheat, oats and rice cereals, so you should give preference to them. In addition, you can also have a toast with wholemeal bread, which contains a large amount of fiber and is also good for health.

The researchers also note that breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of the day, as it helps the body to get energy for most of the day and a lot less then want to snacking between meals or eat something heavy and greasy night.

Namely, the fiber can give people a lot of energy.

Add to cereal scientists recommend natural carbohydrates - for that perfect fruit, which also can be added to porridge, making it tastier and more enjoyable.

However, a portion of tomorrow should not be too large so as not to overload the digestive tract.