Named the most unexpected causes fainting

Cough and going to the toilet to a sharp wake-up - Experts have called the most unexpected reasons that may cause fainting. Knowing these reasons will help in the prevention of complications is not too pleasant.

The prospect frightens a lot of people fall into a swoon. It not only terribly embarrassed if syncope occurs in a public place, but also dangerous if it happens at the wrong time. Fallen fainted person can get bruises, injuries and fractures, and some fainting may end with death due to falls from height or drowning. However, be aware that not only the extremely hot weather and a sharp pain can cause fainting, and here are a few unexpected factors.

The sharp rise from their seats. Do not get up from a chair or a chair too quickly - you can fall into a swoon. Under the influence of gravity the blood immediately flows into our feet, causing a sharp drop in blood pressure. The nervous system is trying to counteract this by accelerating the heart rate and reducing blood vessels. However, in some cases, this reaction does not occur, blood flow to the brain is disrupted, causing syncope.

Going to the toilet. Whether you go or there are small or large, the risk of fainting while the same. Fainting with involuntary urination - is a medical term used to describe the loss of consciousness during urination. Experts are not sure what is the cause. Someone believes that this is due to too rapid release of the bladder, in which there is an opening of the blood vessels. Very significant movement in the gut can also cause excessive stimulation of the vagus nerve, and it controls the outflow of blood from the brain.

Laugh. It seems that it is a pleasant experience in a person's life can hardly cause fainting. However, in 200856-year-old obese doctors complained that too often faints after laughter. It turned out that his air passages during an attack of laughter close. This is a fairly rare event.

Cough. Do not worry if you have a tickle in the throat - you do not face a faint. But an attack of sudden and severe cough increases the probability of loss of consciousness. Doctors are several hundred such cases. It is believed that syncope is caused by an abrupt change in lung blood pressure that takes blood from the brain.