5 alternatives to the popular cough drops

In typical sore throat we strive to pharmacies for the purchase of medical candies, lozenges or sprays. Experts from Denmark, called the 5 natural products that are not as effective as many drugs.

Carnation. This spice has a powerful anesthetic exposure, it effectively relieves pain. Enough to chew on a bit of clove in order to achieve pronounced effect in anti-inflammation and bacteria. Namely, these two factors and cause a sore throat. Finally, cloves also helps to make your breath fresher.

Garlic. Perhaps before going to a job interview or a date will not be the best choice to eat a clove of garlic. But in this product, available in every kitchen, hidden powerful antimicrobial properties to quickly get rid of the pain in my throat. It is best to eat garlic before going to sleep and in the morning to put in my mouth a little bit to get rid of cloves of garlic flavor.

Ginger. Another great product for the treatment of sore throat. It not only relieves pain but also promotes a more rapid purification of mucus. Finally, Ginger has antimicrobial exposure, helping to fight the streptococci causing infections.

The crystalline sugar. Sugar crystals are often used as part of various home drug for the treatment of colds. Many experts in the field of Ayurveda believe that sucking a piece of crystal sugar is enough for victory over a sore throat.

Liquorice. It has long been a proven tool to combat sore throat. Faced with these unpleasant sensations people are advised to chew a small piece of licorice. If combine it with honey, and is possible to achieve a good antibacterial effect.