Top 5 tips for those who want to cure flatulence

We all know that eating these foods, like cabbage, peas or soft drinks, can cause flatulence and bloating. And here are some tips from the experts from Denmark, the observance of which will help to prevent this unpleasant symptom.

Eat slowly. In a state of starvation person seeks to absorb the food too quickly, while swallowing a large amount of air, which subsequently is the cause of flatulence. That is why it is so important to eat slowly, spending it at least 30 minutes for each dish.

Exercise regularly. In most cases, a sedentary lifestyle and reluctance to move after a meal leads to an accumulation of gases and bloating. However, 10-minute walking tour and light physical activity every day to improve overall health and prevent flatulence.

Drink more water. The last thing I want to a person suffering from flatulence, it's water use. But this trick and promotes better digestion, eliminating the bulge. Always make sure that you drink water through a straw, as it will help greatly to swallow less air.

Lean on fiber. Rich fiber diet not only helps keep weight under control, but also protects against flatulence in the case of a sufficient amount of water. Slow food intake, saturated fibers, prevents indigestion and bloating.

Do not smoke. If you are a smoker, then it's time to give up this habit, because swallowing smoke, you are at the same time and swallow more air, which leads to accumulation of gas in the stomach. Smoking is a major cause of flatulence.