Diet drying: a reduction in the size 2 for 4 weeks!

Diet drying will quickly bring the body of excess fluid, reduce body fat and give the body an attractive relief.

First of all, it is worth noting that the "drying" is not so much a diet for weight loss, as an integrated nutrition and training system to give relief by reducing body fat. Use it to quickly lose excess weight is not recommended for many reasons. Including because an untrained person is quite capable to cause serious harm to your body down to bring yourself to a coma. Therefore, should first be examined and consult with your doctor and trainer.

What are the main principles?

Drying is used by bodybuilders before competitions, for a more precise rendering of muscle mass. The main of this diet are exercise and a gradual reduction in calories, with a proportional increase in proteins. It is extremely important to remember that the use of any zhiroszhigatelnyh drugs is strictly prohibited.

It is important to understand that the constant counting calories, as well as regular training schedule - it is mandatory elements, without which all the rest has no one meaning.

Diet is a very long time and is not recommended more than twice a year. To heighten convenience experts share diet into 4 stages.

Step one, preparatory. On the average it spent up to 28 days. The body is prepared for the maximum reduction in calories, gradually increasing proteins.

Step two takes an average week. Carbohydrate intake is reduced to the maximum possible level of protein intake is increased.

The third stage also takes an average of about a week, carbohydrates completely replaced protein products, it is important to pay attention to increase the consumption of water, preferably distilled.

At the last stage is given a few days, when the body is returned to the complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (GI).

The glycemic index - it is the symbol rate of carbohydrate digestion in the human body, slow carbohydrates. Foods with a low GI does not accumulate fat in the body.

This whole grain cereals, such as buckwheat, rye pasta, vegetables with lots of fiber, low carbohydrate: cabbage, cucumbers, various greens, tomatoes.

So, from the diet excludes all products other than low-fat protein: chicken or turkey breast, low-fat cottage cheese, dairy products, egg protein, low-fat varieties of fish and seafood.

Be sure to breakfast products with slow carbohydrates and vegetable oils. Pay attention to the large amount of liquid: water and green tea - it is a guarantee not to collapse from dehydration and exhaustion.

Skipping breakfast can not be, otherwise you risk losing consciousness following a regular workout. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the timely use of authorized products.

It is better to eat 4-5 times a day in small portions, than to tuck everything once a day.

In addition, one should not eat before a workout and immediately after it, wait a couple of hours. Dinner is as easy as possible. All dishes are mostly steamed or boiled.



Breakfast: Buckwheat on the water, boiled egg

Lunch: boiled beef, buckwheat

Snack: cottage cheese with dried apricots

Dinner: steam fish, cabbage salad


Breakfast: scrambled eggs from a protein, a glass of skim milk

Lunch: a portion of soup without potatoes, a salad of cucumber and tomato, a piece of fish

Snack: a handful of nuts

Dinner: baked squid, serving cottage cheese


Breakfast: a plate of oatmeal with raisins, tea

Lunch: soup with mushrooms, boiled chicken, greens

Snack: low fat fermented baked

Dinner: cottage cheese with yogurt

Unlike many diets Bagels menu is quite varied. However, without proper adherence of the day, without a visit to regular training and without maintaining a healthy lifestyle all the efforts will be to no avail.