Ice cream can cause heart disease

For those who care about their nutrition and health, it is better to abandon the consumption of ice cream in industrial production.

Simple advice on how to avoid frostbite

Winter is in full swing. The street is pretty cool, and the lower the temperature of the air outside the window, the greater the chance of getting hypothermia or frostbite part of the body while walking.

10 common signs of coffee depending

Experts called the 10 common signs of growing coffee addiction, with which you have to fight there or just enjoy life.

How to identify the symptoms of male depression

"Men do not cry" - the widespread stereotype is rooted in the minds of most of the stronger sex in the modern world.

Researchers: fruit juices "kill" the liver

The Israel Medical Association cautioned that regular drinking fruit juice can seriously harm the liver.

10 issues that will help to solve Pilates

Pilates - it's not just the exercises on the mat, which offers a fitness club. And the effect on employment is not only the appearance - a beautiful and toned body, but also internal.

Six changes that will happen to you in case of failure of

alcohol. Even if you do not abuse the strong drink and observe the recommended alcohol consumption rates, listen to yourself.

Doctors: a healthy diet, there is no

Power is never healthy or harmful, because it can not be a universal supply system, indicative of all.

7 alternatives to the usual products

Quite often, we give up the foods. In part, this may be dictated by the presence of a number of health problems.

Charging in the morning to protect against heart attack

Scientists have found that brief but regular physical activity can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, particularly heart attacks.

How to protect yourself from the flu if someone got sick from households

Each person has their own individual immune system because the body of one person can easily cope with a specific virus, but pass it a loved one.

Caffeine protects against age-related illnesses and

inflammation. Stanford University School of Medicine has identified the connection aging, systemic inflammation, diseases of the cardiovascular system and coffee consumption.

In winter, the mood will lift multicolored paint and bright lighting

Overcome seasonal fatigue, drowsiness and irritability can, filling the house and an office with bright colors and lighting.

Mesotherapy: myths and reality

Mesotherapy is one of the most frequently carried out procedures in clinics and beauty salons - on the testimony of its prescribed even teenagers with skin problems.

Scientists named the most useful way of cooking rice

Millions of people cook rice properly, thereby exposing their health to substantial risk. This opinion was expressed by experts in the field of healthy food from Ireland.

Scientists have discovered why people often suffer in the cold

As everyone knows, the cause colds are viruses, and therefore, the temperature change should theoretically not make a person more susceptible to illnesses.

Researchers: the right utensils to help lose weight

Scientists from the United States reported that they were able to prove that successful weight loss plays an important role not only what a person eats, but also from what he's eating utensils.

Top 9 advantages of water with lemon

The role of water in our body is huge and it is very important to control her intake to stay healthy and beautiful.

Language is able to report on human diseases

Doctors say that the language of color can inform about human diseases.

Named spice that helps to lose weight and normalizes cholesterol

Recent studies have shown that thyme, which has long been used as a medicine and spices, is a great fighter with excess weight.

Abdominal pain: 9 products to help

Any pain causes a person discomfort, unsettling. Annoying pain in the abdomen is able to overshadow even the rainbow day.

From Old New Year!

Revision health info congratulates its readers with the Old New Year!

How to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates: simple advice

Dietitians give simple advice on how to reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Named the 5 most popular types of dreams

Expert dreams Kelly Bulkley US spoke about the five most popular types of dreams.

The habit of waking up at night is called normal

Waking up in the night it is only natural for humans, the researchers told.

Found cause of incurable disease

brain. Scientists have discovered a link between the Huntington's disease and dysfunction in the brain that is critical to the movement and impulse control.

Experts told how to maintain a normal weight during the cold period

In winter, the human body quickly puts fat, which is associated with the need to provide the body with heat and stores energy, but to "cheat" the system is quite simple.

How to protect yourself from influenza viruses? Five tips

therapist. The flu virus is "visiting" us every year, and every time suddenly - like a bolt for employees of public utilities. The German word grippen (translated as "seize", "dramatically shrink") could not be better reflects the effect of the virus he caught off guard, destroys the plans cover all around.

Amazing Christmas kuti properties

If in the preparation of festive dishes on New Year's people have complete freedom, the Christmas on the table must be some of the traditional dishes.

8 staples

Asian cuisine. Asian cuisine - it is much more massive phenomenon than, for example, French or Italian cuisine. The fact that Asia - hundreds cultures.