5 tips on how not to miss the alarm signal in the morning

German psychologists have given 5 simple tips to help you never miss the signals alarms.

The reason for the problems with the weight with proper nutrition can be hidden ailments

If in spite of the many efforts you are unable to lose weight, should be examined by a specialist - it is likely, it is a hidden ailments.

If the morning was heavy

If preventive measures on the eve of the celebration did not help, and the hangover you did it, then there are several ways to improve health.

Fructose can hinder weight loss

If you have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight may be to blame fructose.

Nuts named

remedy for diabetes. Researchers in Australia have reported that they were able to prove once again the benefit of walnuts.

Runny nose can point to various diseases

Experts from the United States shared the little-known data about the cold. They argue that the nasal discharge is a marker of the immune system.

Bodrov morning: how to make myself get up in 5 minutes

How to make yourself get up in the morning? If you want to wake up quickly and feel cheerful, do so.

5 reasons to include in the diet of red grapes

Red grapes have been associated with health. The white variety is also useful, but it is in red contains the most antioxidants.

How to drink alcohol on New Year's Eve?

That all went well and the wrong use of alcohol did not stop you how to celebrate, follow these guidelines.

Protect your immune system is already

The dangers lie in wait for our body at every turn. If you do not take care of yourself and your health, a person will be very difficult to survive in the big city.

Named the green superfoods

Experts have called products that protect the body against the development of various diseases and help to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals.

What to include in your diet in anticipation of the next wave of flu

The stronger the immune system, the more complex viruses and bacteria get inside the body. The easiest way to strengthen the body's defenses - to reconsider your diet.

Promotion fraught 4 years

diseases. Psychologists from the University of Stockholm found that promotion provides a person not only increase the salary, but also 4 years of disease.

Citrus fruits help to prevent obesity and stroke

One can hardly find a person who would not know about the benefits of citrus. We use citrus in the preparation of various dishes, squeeze juice from them.

4 common errors that are associated with

diet. Nutrition Specialist Jackie Lynch told how to avoid common mistakes and successfully get rid of the extra kilos.

How to help a person overly tipsy

Celebrate New Year's Eve without alcohol are not used in our country, because most of the noisy companies, as a rule, is "joker", which sorts out excess.

Green tea kills cancer cells and HIV

A team of American researchers studied the beneficial properties of green tea, which made it possible to find drug compounds against some of the deadliest diseases - cancer and AIDS.

Herbal prescriptions for diseases of the digestive system

The holidays are frequent aggravation of chronic diseases of the digestive system. Come to the aid-tested recipes from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Seven Laws of proper nutrition for oily and problem skin

Matte skin of the face - an indicator of health and beauty. Unfortunately, not always possible to achieve ideal skin condition.

Top 5 products that are dangerous to reheat in the microwave

Many of us warmed same dish several times and did not think about the consequences.

Traumatologists told about the features of safe movement during ice

Rescuers do not get tired to remind pedestrians that they are not alone, but motorists suffer from icy roads.

6 things in the morning, increasing mood

American psychologists have named six simple things that should be done every morning for the whole day passed easily and without too much stress.

Scientists have figured out how to quickly fades into a woman's heart love

Five years after the beginning of a love relationship a woman in most cases no longer feel the partner romantic feelings.

Sleepwalking is more dangerous than previously thought

Swiss doctor called for the adoption of preventive measures against this phenomenon of people exposed.

6 facts about the dangers of

cheese. Experts told why you should reduce cheese consumption to a minimum, if you care about the quality of their lives.

8 amazing things that happen to the body, if you drink in the morning a glass of water

Accustomed to drink on an empty stomach after sleeping one glass of water, you save yourself a lot of trouble!

Green tea helps

in diseases of the bone marrow. It is known that green tea is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and promote weight loss.

Asthma denies sexual pleasures

Sex can trigger deadly asthma attack, according to experts from the UK claim.

Scientists: your liver is not known what

holidays. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol during the holidays violates the liver, and leads to the emergence of diseases.

Doctors told about the dangers of excess phosphorus in the body

The body needs phosphorus to build and rebuild strong bones. This element is also important for nerves and other body systems.