Course of performance: how to make a wish

For the coming year is the all-all-all, psychologists advise to consider a few simple rules when you make a wish.

Scientists have identified, what is the purpose of sleep

The purpose of sleep - help a person to forget all the excess, in order to better remember right. Two new scientific papers published in the journal Science, supports this theory.

7 tips for home detox

Of course, the complex procedures to detoxify the body in the cabin & minus; that's fine, but there are small steps that you can take home.

"Indicators of hunger," What are these, and how they help to lose weight

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and severe restrictions on food - and still get consistent results?

Doctors advised how to strengthen the immune system against a new wave of flu

The second wave of flu is not far away, at the present time spread of the virus is restrained mainly due to frost.

Fatty fish protects the body from fast food

The use of only two portions of oily fish a week can negate the damage that is applied by the body fast food and other unhealthy diets.

Revenge can improve mood

Psychologists have found that people feel happier after taking certain actions against those who did wrong with them.

How to protect against influenza

The flu epidemic is most often develops in the winter months, the virus infected absolutely all ages of people from infants to the elderly.

Fear of failure: how to overcome

Writer Patrick Edblad shares the secret of how he boldly looks to even the most severe failure in the eyes.

Habits, from which you gain weight

To enjoy a flat stomach and smooth skin experts advise to change a part of daily habits.

5 mineral supplements

food. Healthy food - it is not just the ability to choose the right products, but also life in general.

Broccoli Soup: What health benefits

?. Broccoli and various dishes of cabbage are essential for proper nutrition and is very useful for health.

10 signs of a lack of iron

The human body has a very complex structure and function. One of the important roles iron plays in the life of the organism.

8 home remedies that will eliminate the unpleasant smell of

shoes. Unpleasant smell in the shoes of one of the most common problems faced by millions of people around the world.

Scientists have discovered why people love sex

Biologists, researchers have wondered why sex is such an important part of many people's lives, why he was so fond of both sexes.

Named product that protects the intestines from cancer

Experts in the science of Nutrition University. Friedrich Schiller in Jena (Germany) conducted a study of several kinds of nuts: hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts.

5 Named the most useful and low-calorie products

Nutritionists are constantly reminded of how badly the body during the diet needs for vitamins and minerals.

The most unexpected complications of seasonal viruses

Most colds and influenza - viral infections, and viruses can weaken the connective tissue in our bodies.

Doctors explained the body's signals for help

Some changes in the usual state - it is nothing as special signals to the body that is in need of help or treatment. Therapists tell what they mean.

Recipes from a hangover

Escape from a hangover, you can use special recipes.

The response to noise can indicate problems with the heart

People who have a high sensitivity to noise, it makes sense to check your heart.

Drinks Rescue hangover and eating

Experts spoke about the life-giving drink, fleeing from the consequences of a prolonged celebration.

Secrets of Longevity: 10 valuable tips for those over sixty

Sixty years - a considerable age. But it with one hand. On the other - only two-thirds of life. And then the half. Much depends on how you look at it. And whose eyes.

Chronic lack of sleep is fraught with colds

The findings explain why lack of sleep makes us vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Scientists tell whether watching TV is dangerous from a short distance to view

The close location near the TV does not harm vision, scientists stressed. They told us where all there was this myth.

Named seven serious consequences of lack of sleep

Sleep is important for health. This physiological need to ensure the regulation of biological rhythms, which are very important for all bodily functions.

5 Reasons

inflammation in the body. The so-called chronic inflammation may also be accompanied by symptoms of active inflammatory process, but attempts to cure it are unsuccessful.

7 ingredients that should not be added to the salad, if you want to lose weight

You of course immediately provided some of the items on this list, but we know that some of them will be a surprise to you.

12 signs that you may be in danger of a heart attack

According to statistics, cardiovascular disease - the main cause of death by disease globally.

After 80 years of sex more enjoyable than after 50

Scientists have found that sex after 80 or even 90 years old like people more than after 50.