5 habits that are selected youth

Scientists are talking about a new type of aging - behavioral, when the physical and psychological habits left a mark on his face, even in young people.

The brain is programmed by nature to laziness

Researchers from Canada came to the conclusion based on the results of his research, that laziness is normal quality human and literally programmed in the brain.

brittle bone disease will be cured in the womb

Eating less protein foods during pregnancy protects the bones of the unborn child, the study found.

How to prevent poisoning of the New Year's table

As evidenced maloradostnaya Statistics Christmas poisoning, often with health troubles create salads with mayonnaise or sour cream.

Researchers told the men why women more active in the early morning hours

Experts have conducted several studies in which it was determined, why are men more active in the morning women.

How to overcome the hangover: the best people's councils

At hangover use proven tips from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Christmas table 7 dishes that is prepared

Christmas can rightly be considered the most kind and bright holiday. It needs to be met in the circle of relatives and friends.

9 recommendations in order to experience a burst of energy, and overcome fatigue

Typically, in order to overcome the fatigue, we drink beverages containing caffeine and sugar. They fill us with energy.

Alcoholism leads to the destruction of healthy cells

Alcoholism is one of the most common problems of modern society. From this disease affects not only men but also women.

7-day diet, which eliminates the delay

liquid. Many people suffer from excessive body weight due to only what is present in their body fluid retention.

Doctors do not advise to be protected from using earplugs snoring

Many spouses and "snorers' partners use special earplugs in order not to hear the night sounds unpleasant.

Refusal to allow sex to live longer?

Researchers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom emphasized that the nuns have a more durable immunity - they are less vulnerable to infections.

How not to freeze: the recommendations of doctors

To avoid falling victim to hypothermia and not to pick up a number of ailments, doctors recommend to avoid hypothermia, warm clothes and hot food snack.

Products that are best eaten raw

It is believed that many raw products useful those who have undergone thermal treatment.

Why is it important to go to bed and get up at the same time?

We save on sleep all week, sitting up late at work, but on the weekend we organize a "sleepy marathon." Many live in this rhythm for years, not knowing that this violence.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: 8 simple ways to improve the condition of

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - a rather unpleasant disease that affects the colon. It can cause diarrhea, cramps, bloating and flatulence.

Top 4 diets, dangerous for the psyche

Israeli scientists have analyzed the effect of different diets on human and identified those that are most negatively affect the state of mind.

How to overcome self-doubt: some tips

If you think that love must be earned, and you will take to heart the criticism of others, or neglect, it will be difficult to achieve success.

7 strange things, which in fact is a defense mechanism of our body

As a child, all of us wondered, "Why after bathing fingers wrinkled, and why we yawn and stretch." But no one could explain.

7 products that will help overcome overeating

The fight against high-calorie products can be very painful. A significant assistance in this case may have the right products.

Researchers have found a way to protect humanity from overeating

Researchers from Denmark, together with colleagues from Australia, reported finding a unique gene that allows excess weight to win in the future.

Scientists have discovered why men die earlier than women

Researchers from the United States reported that they were able to determine why men, on average, live shorter lives than women.

As for the week without dieting to lose 5-7 kilograms

After the Christmas holidays, most people, and especially - women with horror looking at his reflection in the mirror: a generous feast never have consequences for the figure.

5 tips on how not to miss the alarm signal in the morning

German psychologists have given 5 simple tips to help you never miss the signals alarms.

The reason for the problems with the weight with proper nutrition can be hidden ailments

If in spite of the many efforts you are unable to lose weight, should be examined by a specialist - it is likely, it is a hidden ailments.

If the morning was heavy

If preventive measures on the eve of the celebration did not help, and the hangover you did it, then there are several ways to improve health.

Fructose can hinder weight loss

If you have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight may be to blame fructose.

Nuts named

remedy for diabetes. Researchers in Australia have reported that they were able to prove once again the benefit of walnuts.

Runny nose can point to various diseases

Experts from the United States shared the little-known data about the cold. They argue that the nasal discharge is a marker of the immune system.

Bodrov morning: how to make myself get up in 5 minutes

How to make yourself get up in the morning? If you want to wake up quickly and feel cheerful, do so.