How to get back in shape after the Christmas gluttony

A dietician, for wellness-nutrition specialist Tatiana Primak told how to get out of New Year's Jora.

Named the signs of the beginning of ovarian cancer

The presence of certain symptoms should prompt a woman to turn to experts for testing and treatment.

5 habits of which is to get rid of now

Pledged childhood habits and behaviors often prevent us to appreciate themselves, live a full life and be happy.

8 daily rituals necessary for inner peace and inspiration

Sometimes a series of not very positive developments as knocks you off track, you feel an inner emptiness and the terrible fatigue. How to be?

Doctors told how to get rid of the addiction to sugary and fatty

In the chilly cold weather, we often feel sad and to cheer up the easiest way with the help of something tasty and sweet.

Named the major benefits of fitness in the winter

time. US researchers were told what the sport is so important in the coldest season of the year.

10 good habits that are guaranteed to help you lose weight in a week

Diets provide only a temporary effect, and classes at the gym are useless if they do not have a system and regularity.

Top 5 Secrets for regular care

skin. To the facial skin was healthy and always looked good, it is necessary to comply with at least the basic care guidelines.

Leeks: 5 reasons to have it on

dinner. If you still do not consider the leek as a side dish for dinner, it's time to do it.

Natural exfoliant of honey and aspirin, nourishing the skin

Many prefer to try home options skin care ingredients for which it is easy to purchase.

How to get better in the New Year: what and how to eat

Many specifically lose weight for the New Year, so that during the feast otest all relieved overwork.

Unprotected sex: why we dare him

Relationship expert Matthew Hussey said there are three reasons why couples stop using condoms, not even discussing it.

Most herbal teas and infusions from headache

Headaches - one of the most frequent reasons for visits to doctors of various specialties.

Reset unnecessary: ??simple and effective tips on losing weight

If you decide to lose weight once and for all, do it right, not hoping for instant results. Use the simple basic professional advice.

Scientists have named the five most affordable products for the health and youth

A person can improve their health by eating foods that are easy to buy in any store.

Safe sugar substitutes do not exist

The experts presented the results of a new study, according to which today in the world there is not only useful, but also a safe substitute regular sugar.

Scientists have told us how much water should you drink a day

Researchers from Harvard reported that they were able to figure out how much water people should drink each day.

Hangover: what you were afraid to ask

Questions of how to beat a hangover and why it arises, suffered even the ancient Romans. So what information is provided millennial experience in dealing with these physical punishment.

Nutritionist: three rules will help improve the health of the week

Can you feel the qualitative change for the better in his health and appearance in the short term?

5 habits that are selected youth

Scientists are talking about a new type of aging - behavioral, when the physical and psychological habits left a mark on his face, even in young people.

The brain is programmed by nature to laziness

Researchers from Canada came to the conclusion based on the results of his research, that laziness is normal quality human and literally programmed in the brain.

brittle bone disease will be cured in the womb

Eating less protein foods during pregnancy protects the bones of the unborn child, the study found.

How to prevent poisoning of the New Year's table

As evidenced maloradostnaya Statistics Christmas poisoning, often with health troubles create salads with mayonnaise or sour cream.

Researchers told the men why women more active in the early morning hours

Experts have conducted several studies in which it was determined, why are men more active in the morning women.

How to overcome the hangover: the best people's councils

At hangover use proven tips from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

Christmas table 7 dishes that is prepared

Christmas can rightly be considered the most kind and bright holiday. It needs to be met in the circle of relatives and friends.

9 recommendations in order to experience a burst of energy, and overcome fatigue

Typically, in order to overcome the fatigue, we drink beverages containing caffeine and sugar. They fill us with energy.

Alcoholism leads to the destruction of healthy cells

Alcoholism is one of the most common problems of modern society. From this disease affects not only men but also women.

7-day diet, which eliminates the delay

liquid. Many people suffer from excessive body weight due to only what is present in their body fluid retention.

Doctors do not advise to be protected from using earplugs snoring

Many spouses and "snorers' partners use special earplugs in order not to hear the night sounds unpleasant.