Doctors have offered a product for healing the digestive tract

From the gastrointestinal tract depends on the state of the immune system and the whole organism.

Small Pleasures: why it is important to appreciate their

Infinitely important to be able to see and appreciate the small pleasures of life. Such, of which one and built our great happiness.

18 facts about the benefits of coffee for health

Coffee - one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Experts once again talked about the health benefits of coffee.

Named the food rules for health

brain. A certified doctor of naturopathy, clinical nutritionist Michelle Shoffro told how to improve brain function.

10 unexpected reasons that prevent sleep and sleep

It is possible that now you are dreaming of a strong 8-hour sleep. But let's face it: how often do you do it?

How to improve digestion: tips

You eat only a small amount of food, and your stomach rebelled in earnest? Unfortunately, you are not alone in this regard.

Spices, pineapple and green tea help burn extra calories

In order not to gain weight during the winter, experts advise as often as possible to include in your diet foods that activate the metabolism and fat burning process.

Named the beauty secrets of oriental women

Silky skin, no wrinkles, freshness East women seem mystery behind the seven locks. Cosmetologists opened the curtain and share beauty secrets of oriental women.

5 of harmful eating habits, because of which the facial skin looks bad

Poor nutrition can lead to fatal results for our overall health, but also, for many reasons, facial skin suffers no less from him.

6 best foods for

youthful skin. Include in the diet of these 6 foods that energize you and keep your skin young and healthy.

Peeling Scalp: 3 effective prescription

Peeling scalp improves the condition of hair and accelerates their growth - this procedure should be a mandatory step in the care of curls.

Stem cells can heal damaged muscle

Synthetic stem cells provide the muscle regeneration process without the risk of cancer.

Products that will save your morning even after the noisiest

parties. Getting rid of a headache, weakness, nausea, dizziness, stomach upset and other painful hangover with these 10 simple and affordable products.

Fructose from soda deadly for

body. Is used in the manufacture of soft drinks, cakes and chocolate the fructose is the most deadly kind of sugar.

How to keep the data itself promises: 7 tips

We strongly believe that we will fulfill them, and enthusiastically undertake the business. Only for some reason this very soon lose our enthusiasm and under any pretext throw begun.

Non-obvious symptoms suggestive of chronic fatigue

Constant drowsiness, fatigue, low immunity - is not only the symptoms of this dangerous condition. There are also less obvious but important symptoms!

8 good reasons usually have kiwi

It is hard to remain indifferent to this green exotic fruits that we love him above all for a bright taste and dietary properties.

Egg yolks: Truths and Myths

Cholesterol is contained in egg yolks is a useful and necessary for the synthesis of body hormones and cell membranes.

Food that makes us beautiful and strong

Food affects not only our health, but also, more importantly, on the exterior, say nutritionists. They called foods that make us beautiful and strong.

Meditation House: awareness training

Meditation does not have to go to the gym for yoga or go on nature. Doing this at any time, because meditation - not only the lotus posture and even breathing.

It named the main cause of male pattern baldness

Researchers from the UK have reported that they have discovered a major reason why the men go bald.

Clean the body and raise the immune

It is very difficult in today's environment to lead a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you live in a big city, often using public transportation, shake hands during a meeting with colleagues and friends and exchanging banknotes in shops with vendors.

In Kiev, the doctors no 3500 UAH do not find time to

patients. Together with the increased utility tariffs and the amount of "voluntary" contributions to the district of Kiev clinics. So, if earlier, doctors hinted charitable assistance in the amount of 100-200 UAH, now ask for ten times - 2500-3500 UAH.

Researchers have proved that thought can cure diseases

The researchers reported that they were able to prove that thoughts can have a positive impact on human health.

Doctors told how to re-do not catch the flu

Even if you are already ill with influenza and SARS this winter, it does not mean that the disease no longer threatens you - in fact many different strains circulate across regions.

A few tricks to successfully replace a diet

A full day at the office is able to wear down anyone. Not surprisingly, the tired body and then require bonuses for harm.

5 useful spice for well being

winter. Experts have found a way to cope with the cold weather and stay awake despite the weather conditions. And it is the use of spices.

How to observe proper nutrition

winter. If you stick to proper nutrition, it is most likely the risk of falling into the cold season.

How to improve performance without the help

coffee. In addition to coffee there are several ways to increase their effectiveness at work. A nutritionist Amy Morris called the seven options.

We find a simple way to protect against recurrence of breast cancer

Half-hour walks protect women from recurrence of deadly breast cancer. That is the conclusion reached by researchers.