Dark circles under the eyes: 5 natural remedies to help

Dark circles under the eyes look unattractive and give our face unhealthy appearance.

Chocolate wins overweight

Anyone who has ever struggled with excess weight, know that business is not easy

What products can not drink carbonated beverages

Surely you've ever heard that carbonated drinks (especially sweet) much harm to our health.

5 product against stress and depression

Modern man meets daily with the stress and emotional turmoil. The nervous system has to be oh how difficult! But do not despair: there is a solution!

Doctors call drinks, which will save from colds

In the cold time of year, especially in the run-up to re-flu wave, it is important to drink as much warm vitamin drinks that are rich in active substances.

Depression increases the risk of death from cancers 4 times

Positive mood is one of the best ways to win in cancer treatment, as established British researchers.

The rapid cleansing of the body and strengthen the immune

If you suddenly have a weakness, dizziness and chronic fatigue, then most likely your body settled parasites - small or microscopic organisms that feed on beneficial trace elements, circulating in the blood.

It offers a simple remedy for depression

Scientists from the United States believes that there are simple ways for prevention of psychological problems in winter.

13 steps to a great sex life

pair. What to do if your sex life is poor psychology professor John Gottman explains to establish sex life in a pair is simpler than it seems.

Even 300 g of beer a week

dangerous to the heart. Only about 300 g of beer already during the beginning of the process to harden the arteries, which can lead to heart disease.

Scientists describe the composition of the ideal breakfast

The researchers reported that they were able to find out what should consist of a perfect breakfast.

8 useful products, from which you can recover

Some people believe that if every day to eat healthy and nutritious foods, the figure will be in complete safety. However, this is not quite true.

The use of fermented foods: what to drink kefir and eat sauerkraut

Fermented products, which include tea, derived from the tea fungus, dairy products, as well as sauerkraut, should be part of a healthy diet.

5 types of acne, which should not be squeezed

When pimples on the skin in humans there is a strong temptation as soon as possible to squeeze them.

4 February, the International Day against cancer - oncologists Live!

February 4 at the world celebrate the International Day against cancer. The aim of the Day - not just to attract public attention to the global problem, and to convey important information about methods of struggle with malignant tumors and conditions that allow them to successful treatment.

The main symptoms of food allergy

Food allergies - a protective response of the body to any ingredient contained in the product.

Signs and superstition in the New Year 2017

How to carry out the old year to the future was bright and cloudless?

Psychologists: family name affects the health and fate

Scientists have tested "the effect of names" on the person and ultimately concluded that it is indeed the case.

The most daring fantasies help to lose weight

If you want to succeed in any diet, it is best to put unrealistic goals. This is the conclusion, researchers from the University of Nottingham.

Containers for food lies latent threat

Is it safe to cook food in bags or reheat it in the microwave in a container, as do office workers?

When the high pressure demands immediate call an ambulance?

Increased blood pressure - always an unpleasant situation, but not a reason to panic.

Amyloid deposits

increase the risk of stroke. The effects of Alzheimer's disease should be considered when taking drugs that reduce blood clotting.

Scientists have told us when old age comes

American scientists have talked about how when a person begins to age. According to their research, with 39 years people have a weakening of motor and cognitive functions.

8 foods that many people use the wrong

Hardly often most of us think about how to spend how we neglect the potential of the usual contents of our refrigerators and vegetable baskets.

Named the most unexpected causes fainting

Cough and going to the toilet to a sharp wake-up - Experts have called the most unexpected reasons that may cause fainting.

Healing from cystitis: 16 folk remedies to help

Cystitis is an infectious inflammation of the bladder, which provoke the bacteria. In most cases, it is painful and annoying problem.

Experts told when and how to drink water Epiphany

Epiphany water gaining the future and drink throughout the year, until the next holiday - it is considered a healing and relieves many ailments.

8 of the rules of a healthy lifestyle, which can be ignored

On all sides we hear advice on how to live right. It turns out, follow them sometimes dangerous, experts say.

10 ways to solve the problem of hair loss

In the hair loss can be a variety of reasons - from a lack of micronutrients to genetic predisposition or a sufficiently serious diseases.

Top 8 benefits kisses for

health. Kiss - is not only a great way to make a relationship with a man closer and intimate