Leave to rest and diet

It's no secret that we want to take a vacation in the summer, while in winter while on vacation, you can find a variety of entertainment.

Hyperesthesia of teeth: rest and treatment

dentin hypersensitivity - sharpened tooth sensitivity of tissues to mechanical, chemical, thermal stimuli.

Work and rest at frequent cramps in the legs

Leg cramps usually occur at night. They can be episodic in nature, or repeated at a certain frequency.

Active in Winter

Ice skating, snowboarding or skiing - is a great option winter activities.

Spa treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins - one of the most common diseases, as related to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Treatment of chronic dysbiosis on

resorts. The main points that determine the nature of spa treatments are the localization process and associated functional bowel disorders.

Rest in sanatorium and tempering - a good prevention

rubella. Canatorno spa treatment strengthens the immune system, as well as the general improvement of the body after infectious diseases.

sinusitis treatment in sanatoriums

Patients with sinusitis is sent to the coastal climate, forest, balneological and mud-cure spas.

Spa treatment and tachycardia

Depending on what kind of disease causes tachycardia treatment shown in spas corresponding profile.

Spa treatment

skin diseases. Spa treatment of skin diseases - one of the important stages of conducting dermatological patients, especially for those suffering from common dermatoses.

Walking in the dew and climate change to strengthen immunity

For the prevention of colds great outdoor recreation and stabbing the body.

Hiking - the best prevention of edema

face. Healthy lifestyle: nutrition, fresh air, charging and exercise, peace of mind, quenching - the best prevention of swelling face.

The temperate climate is most suitable for diseases of the prostate

Many of the causes and adverse factors may cause BPH, including psycho-emotional.

Activities - is a mass of positive emotions!

Activities - way to spend your free time, a kind of hobby, during which has been active vacationer activities.

Ankle Fracture: restoration and recreation in

sanatorium. Fracture of the ankle - the most common damage to the bones, it is the problem encountered trauma in 20% of all skeletal injuries and 60% of all injuries shin.

Pancreatitis Treatment in sanatoriums and resort

Treatment of patients with a diagnosis of recurrent or latent proceeding chronic pancreatitis, it is desirable to carry out in a sanatorium.

Spa treatment at VSD

Dystonia - a syndrome that includes many different symptoms of very different cause.

Lifestyle changes as a way to get rid of

hypertension. Hypertension, like any chronic disease, prevention is better than cure.

Complete rest

as prevention of women's diseases. For the prevention of women's diseases, strengthen the immune system and stress and chronic fatigue it is important to fully relax.

Treatment in a sanatorium with Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease (Parkinson's disease) - a degenerative central nervous system disease characterized by slowness, movement disorders, decrease in general motor activity.

Spa treatment and prevention of brucellosis at

Brucellosis - zoonotic infectious and allergic disease, prone to chronic course.

Spa treatment for diabetic foot

In the initial stages of such diseases as diabetic foot, when there is no trophic disorders and exacerbations, along with physical therapy is recommended for spa treatment.

How to avoid skin pigmentation on

holiday. Many have to be especially careful with the sun, as there are freckles or dark spots on their skin. What are the rules of sunburn in such cases?

Rest if you are allergic to the sun

If a person is prone to sun allergy, you should try to avoid to happen on the street during the hours of maximum solar activity.