How to become a happier: 6 simple ways

Happy moments so fleeting. Look back in no time - have all passed. Then we take to find a new goal that will make us happy.

Top 8 simple ways to please others

One of the components of a successful person is the ability to please people. Calling sympathy from others is actually not so difficult as you think.

The ability to enjoy life

protect against inflammation. Who of us in childhood did not stare at the clouds bizarre, the way ants carry food along a path on the motes dancing in a ray of sunshine?

The spine and back

psychosomatic diseases. Spine as therapists claim a supporting body. Avicenna and Hippocrates wrote that the spine - a living human stem.

Self-help for anxiety disorders

Patients suffering from anxiety disorders, first of all, must learn to control physiological symptoms of anxiety.

Meditation for stress relief and improved mood

Different situations require different permissions for your meditation, says the creator of the popular system recovery Nishi Katsudzo.

Energy food

food Energy. You can eat in different ways, but the principle remains the same: everything that craves human soul should be with him at the dinner table.

To exercise your brain - and you can prevent Alzheimer's disease

Any classes that stimulate the brain, such as reading or chess, have a huge impact on the probability of developing Alzheimer's disease in older people.

Living in Harmony: 6 components of a healthy and happy person

We are increasingly moving away from nature, more and more like machines created just for work, work and work again.

Defeating dementia: your expectations shape your reality

Both negative and positive expectations can lead to very strange events.

Addiction to sex and difficulty in

life. Throughout the history of Western sex subjected to such censure and persecution that the criticism of someone's sexual behavior should be approached with great caution.

The body - a self-healing mechanism

Our body - a wonderful self-healing mechanism to keep track of everything that happens to him.

The helplessness and defenselessness cause problems with shoulder joints

Problems with the joints indicate indecision or lack of confidence, fatigue and reluctance to act.

Fighting obesity: personal choice - Emotional Freedom

We are all faced with the pain and mental wounds of the past. When these wounds and injuries continue to be with us in the present, we begin to accumulate emotional debt.

5 skills that give life happiness

Only by it seems that someone had better luck, and someone less. In fact - we are the creators of your own fortune.

Each disease has its own type of negative thoughts

More and more people are beginning to realize that the idea may indeed be material. Only no one has yet realized the consequences that behind all this stretch.

Why hurt the kidneys: psychosomatic causes

Most people feel pain in the kidneys, but not all, at least give this any importance.

9 signs that you are under stress and do not guess about this

We all know how to take a punch and keep the person in the difficult moments. But stress is not so simple.

7 simple ways to get your life under control

This is no big deal, but, nevertheless, many ignore the simple rules that can help you get your life under control.

Mind and sight

Some experts say that the vision is only one-tenth is a physical process, and nine-tenths of a mental process.

Suppressing anger provokes diverkulez

Diverticulosis colon - disease characterized by the formation of the walls of the intestine multiple saccular formations (diverticula).

Stress and hemorrhagic vasculitis

Hemorrhagic vasculitis - a disease with a primary lesion of the skin capillaries, joints, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Pancreatic Health: how to resist stress

One of the most important factors causing aggravation of diseases of the pancreas, is stress.

7 signs that you have charged too much

Become perfect in everything - is the dream of most. However, this perfectionism in the end can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion.

Top 6 ways to overcome interesting

depression. Make plans for the future, live chat with your friends, the rejection (briefly) on the social networks These and other such simple actions can help securely protect from depressive symptoms.

Sexually transmitted diseases: psychological causes and treatment

The spectrum of venereal (sexually transmitted diseases), infectious diseases sufficiently wide.

10 ways to manage stress

The stress we experience every problem as a matter of life and death, and do not have time to see if it is really important right now, is there an easier way to solve it.

Psychological causes

heart disease. There is a word, killing the heart and cardiovascular system. This word - stress. How to protect yourself from stress, if it is all over?

Psychosomatics neurodermatitis

In addition to the physiological functions (heat, touch, protection, etc.) And the skin has a psychological value.

Psychosomatic causes of constipation

Today, gastrointestinal disease - a common phenomenon, which is struggling with the symptoms of many current residents.