3 important skills that you will not teach

Tired of living on a schedule by following the list of "100 life goals" and the list of cases in the diary? Coach Mark Manson offers several life hacking, which will add to the chaos of life.

How to hear what says

disease. From the perspective of psychosomatic illnesses are beyond our secret desires, fears and conflicts, repressed in the unconscious.

7 simple ways to make your day better

Sometimes we feel unhappy and exhausted with no apparent reason. We have neither the strength nor the desire to do something, and we wonder how others manage to keep up with everything.

How to Overcome Anxiety: 3

effective method. You are very worried because of work, family problems, or policy? To the alarm did not cause the appearance of stress, try these techniques!

5 simple ways to beat the autumn blues

It is no secret that most of the events that happen with us are not clearly good or bad - it all depends on our point of view.

What do successful people: 15

body language secrets. Body language speaks for us before we have time to think about their words. And control it more difficult than our speech - not because there and believe him more than to hear?

What a shock and how to cope with it

The phrase "I'm shocked" many pronounced in critical situations, without thinking about its nature.

One of the common causes of diabetes - a loveless marriage

Do not look for causes of disease outside of itself. And it is to be considered, and those who gave life right (parents) or indirectly (progenitors), says a well-known psychotherapist Luule Viilma.

Six of the best ways to enjoy life

Our way of life makes everything move faster. We suffer, but we can not stop: we need to run further, to have time to do more and better.

Top 5 methods that will help to behave decently, if you anger swept

Rage and anger - not too good feeling, you try not to succumb to them, but there are times when it is simply impossible! How to communicate when you are angry?

How to deal with emotions: the technique of "internal observerĀ»

In every man there is an internal subpersonality, "internal observer" - an objective and independent of our "I".

As of the stress changes the spine

In the middle of the last century, the Western doctors have proven that some bodily disease actively develop against those or other negative emotions.

How to reduce job stress: 5 simple ways

You feel that zashilis at work so that is about to explode? You have 5 ways to reduce tensions easily and quickly.

Mobilization and planning will help in the fight against depression

The consequence of depression, among other things, is apathy. It is difficult to force myself to perform normal hygiene procedures, and it seems that no pleasures in life in general.

12 ways to forgive yourself

American psychologist Fred Luskin many years studying the situation of people who find it difficult to forgive myself.

Psychological self-defense in diabetes

In order to really disease of diabetes has become a way of life, we can build a powerful psychological self-defense, based on a few fundamental concepts.

How to deal with stress?

Modern human stress catches up always and everywhere: at home, at work, in public transport

7 things that are productive people do differently

We believe the productivity of the most important component of success and believe that if you truly give all, recognition and wealth does not keep you waiting.

Metaphysical causes vision problems

How to improve your vision and strengthen your eyes? Of course, first you need to remove the causes that lead to impairment of vision and eye disease.

A psychological approach to the treatment of neuroses

There are a number of psychological techniques for the treatment of neurosis, a person could easily learn and heal itself in the early stages of the disease.

Top 8 Ways to get rid of stress

Short-term stress - normal and natural phenomenon. Problems begin when stress continues for a long time and becomes chronic.

Pain in the century suggests that a person defends himself badly

Eyelids - a movable bodies that protect the eyes from external stimuli (dust, cold, strong light). The eyelids may be suffering from irritation and eczema.

How to stop postponing the case and finally work

Carefree days pass, and suddenly you find yourself before the fact: the deadline tomorrow, and you have not done anything

Life after stroke: the restoration of the brain

Unfortunately, the more or less pronounced paralysis - a trouble vast majority of strokes in the world.

Exercises to improve the energy exchange with the outside world

Treatise "Nei Jing" says that a continuous and harmonious flow of life energy flowing in the meridians of the body, the disease does not nestle in man.

Psychosomatic causes of pain in the back

Spine - our support and losing it in our lives, everything changes for the worse. How to fix it?

Breathing meditation for peace of mind

Long-term studies have proven the beneficence of meditation for people from all walks of life in all circumstances, from cancer patients to professional athletes.

Coping with stress helps normalize weight

It is no secret that sometimes depression and stress can become a cause of overeating that leads to weight gain and health problems.

Exemption: a state of infinite possibilities is quite real

The religious scriptures it is said that all things - it is a struggle of opposites: good and evil, light and darkness, order and chaos.

6 ways to remain optimistic in difficult times

Life is like this: one stripe white, the other - black. How to survive a difficult period and it does not lose any faith in myself or in the universal validity?