10 strategies to win their stress

forces. Consciousness and thinking - the most powerful tools available to man. Healthy thinking - this is the way to success and health, improve the quality of life. The future becomes reality, when a person begins to use positive thinking.

10 rules of success: the special rituals to be one step ahead of other

Most successful people from the world of business, sports and the arts have special rituals that help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

How to curb the uncontrolled stress

Stress - a natural reaction to novelty. Uncontrolled stress arises when it is impossible to adapt to the situation, avoid it and predict its consequences and the end.

A few tips on how to control their emotions

Emotions accompany us constantly. We are sad, embarrassed, worried, yearning, despair, laugh, rejoice, admire and experience many other states.

How to act when the choking anger and an urgent need to calm down

When we stifle rage and anger, it is difficult to immediately take himself in hand. However, it must be done, since the escalation of the destructive emotions will only exacerbate the situation.

Why do you attract detractors, and how to fix it

You are friendly, trusting, flexible, willing to devote much time to other people's problems. And that is why you attract detractors.

3 ways to bring order to the

life. Sometimes it seems that life is grim and hopeless. Career does not add up, personal life is collapsing, and even the economic situation in the country worse.

As the emotions associated with the work of the internal organs

Have you ever wondered how emotions can be associated with the work of the internal organs of our body?

Severe illness or injury: as psychologically recover

From illness, injury or loss no one is immune. When the physical pain subsides, remains that presses on us psychologically. Psychologists advised ka cope with this condition.

How to become a happier person: 10 Ways

We used to blame external circumstances in the unhappy life. Coach Travis Bradbury explains that happiness is in our hands.

The path to personal happiness - a healthy relationship with other people

The quarrels in the family, gossip and intrigue at work, bad relations with neighbors have a negative impact on health.

The mood on the positive: 7 phrases that you need to tell yourself every day

The daily repetition of these positive phrases can make you the protagonist of your life and your best friend.

10 tips to cope with fatigue

Someone connects fatigue with depression and stress, someone - a syndrome of emotional burnout. But sooner or later it visits each.

Frequent colds: psychological causes

When we long time no hear their needs, with us it begins to "talk" to our body. And it says the disease.

8 characteristics of successful people

If you search the Internet for a list of the qualities necessary to the successful person, you can find: patience, communication skills, self-esteem and more.

How to cope with dependence on smart phones and the Internet: a few tips

For many of us, electronic devices have become like an extension of the body, and to disconnect from the web is becoming increasingly difficult.

Five secrets to people who do not face the emotional burnout

Stresses occur at each of us, only one they threaten emotional burnout, for others pass almost unnoticed. Why so?

How to overcome apathy and start the year productively

After the holidays, you just can not bring himself to enter into a working rhythm? Here are a few simple ways to solve the problem.

How to realize any dream in life

"Just take it and do" - it seems that the most common "recipe for success", which we share with everyone. But when it advised us it turns out that it does not work.

6 ways to relieve stress without drugs and alcohol

Experts offered six simple ways to help you relieve tension and improve the functioning of the nervous system.

The best medicine: the use

laughter. Conventional statement "Laughter prolongs life" is under a quite serious scientific basis.

4 steps that will reconcile you with success

It often happens: you have longed for something, but when the goal was achieved, a void formed in the soul

How to achieve the goal - to deceive yourself!

We dream to succeed, build ambitious plans, but rarely put them into practice.

Why learn helplessness?

We need to feel that we are managing their lives. But everyone will sooner or later finds himself in a situation which is not able to influence.

Fun recipes from the blues of

psychologist. Clinical psychologist Michelle Lezhuayo lists simple techniques and gives fun recipes from the blues that will not give up and achieve wellness.

How to escape from depression

cold. Most of the population of our country with the arrival of cold weather begins to experience a lot of unpleasant feelings.

7 effective ways to ask for help

We are often afraid to ask about the service, we are embarrassed, or we are afraid to hear the refusal. These simple tips from the philosopher Alice Boyes make your life easier.

Communication with other spine

authorities. This spine is the basis of our skeleton, which allows us to perform certain actions.

How to get rid of the feeling of powerlessness: 11 ways

Everyone has those times when discouraged and it seems that from us nothing depends. In some people, these periods are stretched for life.

How to stop thinking negatively?

Our brain is so constituted that it activates the reward system not only positive but also negative emotions.